What is a 2 of 3 system bet: how is it calculated, differences from an express bet

If a player claims that the system has never put him into a stupor, he is lying. Let’s analyze this bookmaker’s bet using a simple 2 out of 3 example.

Sports betting system is a compromise between risky express bets and “reliable” single bets. The simplest type of bet in the system is two out of three (written as 2/3). Let us analyze how to set the system and how the bookmaker calculates the winnings on it.

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What is a betting system

A system in sports betting is a combined bet consisting of express bets. The dimension of the system is described by two numbers. For example, a 2/3 system (reads “two out of three”). The second number (denominator) is the number of express bets in the system. The first number is the number of picks in each express train. That is, in the example of a 2 out of 3 system, the number of express combinations is three, with each combination consisting of two selections (bets).

Let’s consider an example of a bet on a system. We have three matches:

  • Spartak – Real M,
  • Juventus – Chornomorets,
  • Bayern Munich – Harvest.

Three express trains can be assembled from them, if each has two choices:

  • outcome of the first match + outcome of the second match,
  • outcome of the second match + outcome of the third match,
  • outcome of the first match + outcome of the third match,

In the 2/3 system, all three multiples are combined into one bet. In this case, the amount of the bet on the system is conditionally divided equally between the express bets.

How to place a bet system 2/3

Note that not all bookmakers offer a system bet.

In those bookmakers where there is such an option, the sequence of actions for drawing up this system is simple:

  1. Choose the matches and outcomes you are interested in in the number of three.
  2. Add them by clicking to the coupon.
  3. A message appears about the possibility to choose the format of the bet: single, express or system. If there are many outcomes, you will also be asked to choose the dimension of the system.
  4. Choose the type of bet, the system, its dimension – and bet.

When choosing events for the system, remember that duplicate and interconnected events cannot be taken into the system, as well as in the express. For example, the total is over 1.5 goals and the total is over 2.5 goals in the same match.

How the 2/3 system is calculated

An inquisitive reader is interested in how the bookmaker will calculate such an unusual bet as a system. Let’s continue using the example above.

Let’s say the amount of the bet on the system is 900 rubles. It remains to choose the outcome in each of the three matches and calculate the multiplier odds in the system. Let’s take the net outcomes: Spartak’s victory at 2.00, Juventus’s victory at 3.00 and Bayern’s victory at 2.00.

The combinations in the “2 out of 3” system will look like this:

  • victory for Spartak + victory for Juventus = 6.00
  • Spartak win + Bayern win = 4.00
  • Juventus win + Bayern win = 6.00

The size of the bet is divided into three according to the number of combinations: that is, the size of the bet for each express in the system is 300 rubles.

Suppose that the first combination won: Spartak, as expected, beat Real, while Juventus barely beat Chornomorets. The payment amount in this case is: 300 x 6.00 = 1800 rubles. The rest of the combinations are lost, so 600 rubles of the bet remain with the bookmaker. Thus, you risked 900 rubles and received a payment of 1800 rubles, that is, your net profit is 900 rubles.

Now let’s calculate the amount of the winnings if all bets were played. The payout would be: (300 x 6.00) + (300 x 4.00) + (300 x 6.00) = 4800 rubles. At a rate of 900 rubles, the net profit is 3900 rubles.

Is it profitable to bet on the 2/3 system

To determine how profitable it is to use the system, let’s compare the hypothetical jackpot in the event that you bet on exactly the same outcomes from our example in single bets, express or system.

Ordinary Express System
Winnings 2100 10800 4800
Profit 1200 9900 3900

The table shows that by betting 300 rubles in single orders, you could earn only 1200 rubles. But the risk would be minimal, because the loss of any of the elections did not affect the others. A winning express train could have earned as much as 9900 rubles, but the shortage of one of the matches would have left us with zero. A bet by the system would bring 3,900 rubles of net profit, while a misfire in one of the matches would have reduced this amount, but would not have deprived the winnings altogether.

Advantages and disadvantages of the betting system

The advantage of the system over other types of bets lies in the format itself – in order to win, at least one combination must be entered. But the system also has obvious drawbacks:

  • bookmakers limit the size of the bet on the system,
  • some bookmakers limit the size of the maximum coefficient of the system, and also set the minimum coefficient for the events included in the system,
  • not all bookmakers offer a betting option by the system.

A system bet is a combination of express bets, which leaves a second chance even if some of the outcomes are lost. The risk in combined bets is significantly higher than in single bets, but the reward is also higher. Start with a two out of three (2/3) system at the bookmaker and then move on to more complex sized bets.

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