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Football Soccer Prediction Statistics Mathematic Spreadsheet Excel Betting .
This Excel program is divided into two parts. 
"PREDICTION" is based on the statistical probability of the result for the last four matches. 
Four home team matches at home and four away matches out. 
This is important here so that the home team plays at least four matches at home 
and the away team play at least four matches out.
"PREDICT.1" is based on the statistical probability of the result for all matches 
of the home team and away team played in the league. Here you need to be careful 
how many matches the teams resisted, because with a small number of matches 
there is not enough data for analysis.

No more hours spent researching data, and more time to analyse, strategise, and put the data to profitable use.

Predictive analytics that take your game to a new level;

No more blind betting;

Puts you one step ahead of the bookies;

Takes the luck out of sports trading and puts the future in your hands;

Potential for unlimited income with minimal investment in time;

Highly rated algoritms/formulas

"Service and technical excellence is our mission, the critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our customers"


IMPORTANT: You will need a Laptop/PC running a Windows operating system and a full version of Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer onward installed to use this spreadsheet. This will not run using a Mac or Open Office for example.

*Not included updates

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