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Hello everyone! It's time for another creation on our site! Namely, a foreign program with automatic analysis of football events called "Predictz"! Here you can download this program absolutely free !!!

I would like to note that the program for sports betting "Predictz" is not an auxiliary Excel spreadsheet, but a full-fledged independent software that functions without installing any additional programs!

Now directly to the program itself!

To your attention the interface of this software:

Predictz sports betting software interface ...

And now, so that there are no questions about the functionality of the program, let's figure it out in more detail ...

So what do we have? At the top of the program window, we see 5 buttons with dates. I think there will be no questions here ... We select the date we need and press the corresponding button to start the analysis!

BUT! Before that, from the drop-down list, select which predictions we are interested in: for home teams (Home), for draws (Draw), for away teams (Away) or all together (Both) ...

Further on top we see 2 more buttons "Clear Table" , which means "Clear the table" (this key should be pressed before each new analysis) and "Export Excel" , which allows you to export the results of the analysis to an Excel table!

Next, let's turn directly to the table itself with the analysis:

Analysis table header ...

In the header, we see 11 columns ... Moreover, with the first 6 columns, everything is clear (this is the date of the event, the championship, the teams meeting, the odds for winning the first, second and draw, respectively) ... But then it's a little more complicated ... Let's figure it out in order...

Predict  is a prediction! It indicates which team, in the opinion of this sports betting program, will win the upcoming meeting!

Score  is the score with which (again, according to this particular software) this meeting will end!

Then there are 2 columns under the names Win H and Win A  - this is, like how many points for the fact that the home team and the away team will win ...

H or A  - (Home or Away) another prediction for home or away ...

Ideally, as we subtracted somewhere, it is necessary that the predictions in the "Predictz" and "H or A" columns match ...

ATTENTION!!! Also in the archive there is a text instruction, which is simply required to read before using !!!

I think you won't have any problems with this sports betting program! Download it by clicking the button below:

Last but not least, check out the predictz website itself! There you can find free forecasts , who cares ... True, the site is in English, but in the 21st century, is it not a problem? We do not give a link, I think everyone knows how to use search engines)

Happy rates!

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