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Sports betting software

Football betting software

This is football betting software  that provides the probabilities for the result of a match based on 17 algorithms. 

This software will help you a lot in compiling your football betting ticket.
Thanks to artificial intelligence and the algorithms used to calculate matches, you will receive information such as statistics, offensive, defensive play, goal ratios and a bunch of other important statistics, for which you will need hours to analyze a football match. Thanks to the software we have developed, the analysis of a football match and the information you will receive about it will be available to you within seconds. Every day.


  • Automatic loading of the list of matches.
  • The forecast for the team to win in the first half, second half, in the match.
  • Forecast for under/over 0.5, under/over 1.5, under/over 2.5, under/over 3.5.
  • Forecast for a team goal in the first half, second half, match.
  • Loading bookmaker odds for matches.
  • Saving matches to the archive.
  • New add-ons when updated
  • Double chance predictions
  • Total bet
  • Goals
  • Handicap *NEW

What you get

  • You only pay for the software once, not per day or per month.
  • Unlimited license
  • Free updates
  • Support 12 months


This professional program is a fully automated combine that provides the ability to predict football confrontations with great accuracy.

I noted the following nuances when working with software:

  • Suggestion to predict high odds.
  • The line is very wide for live and prematch modes.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Prompt calculation of bets.
  • Safety, reliability.

The program allows me to make the process of making forecasts fast. For example, 7 types of statistical information are available to me to analyze a football match. To obtain such reports.

Key features of betting software

According to my observations, the main advantage of the program is the fully automatic calculation of sports analysis. 

  • I have the ability to download forecasts for the next 7 days and for the past 7 days.
  • I constantly change sites to select statistics, 5 resources are offered in total.
  • Convenient interface with the ability to sort information.
  • The software is focused on predicting outcomes, handicaps, totals, which is quite enough for me.
  • Football betting software with over 10 algorithms to analyse football match.

Become a real assistant for me in making successful sports analysis and making money on betting. After using the software, your income from playing in the bookmaker has increased significantly.

  • Emer95
    I want to congratulate the people who created this software. Admirations. It's a little difficult to understand, but when you get used to it, it's very easy and fast to analyze football matches.
    20 days ago
  • Grace.Larson
    What have I been doing for so many years without this football analysis software ... Hundreds of lost hours of match analysis and I lost again. The software calculates the complete statistics in seconds and provides it to you. I have very good profits with it. I recommend it.
    28 days ago

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