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Tjis is a program that provides the probabilities for the result of a match based on 15 algorithms all activated; full software update.

all that's left to do is wait for your predictions, and the reality is that by analyzing matches the right way, you significantly increase your chances of success.

And those who sell you with near 100% success rates are imposters or, worse, scammers.

However, there is no telling a story, even with the best analysis in the world there is no such thing as zero risk. You will never win 100%, even 90% of your long-term bets are impossible.

What is certain is that to properly analyze a meeting you may have criteria that seem obvious to you.

When you go into an analysis, you will look at some statistics that you find interesting. You will also hear what the media are saying about this event, namely follow the news.

This means that spontaneously, you usually already know what an analysis is, perhaps even without realizing it.

In this type of software we will go a little further, you will find more criteria on which to base your analysis. So you can confidently predict the outcome of a match.

I've spent hours fixing everything on this software, just asking you to share your criteria on which to base your analysis so that we can all take advantage of it.

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