Zero handicap in betting on football and other sports: what it is and how it is calculated

Zero handicap in betting on football and other sports: what it is and how it is calculated
We analyze when a zero handicap in bets is more profitable than a bet on a clear win, and in what cases it is more profitable than a double chance.

Zero handicap in soccer betting can save you money in a tie and give you more profit than a double chance. In this article we will tell you what a handicap is in betting and its types, we will talk about a zero handicap in comparison with betting on a clear win and a double chance.

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What is a handicap in sports betting

Handicap in bets is a number that is added to the indicator of one of the parties based on the results of the whole match or part of it. For example, goals, corners, yellow cards, points, pucks, games, sets, and so on.

To pass the bet, you need the team's or athlete's win in the selected indicator after adding the handicap.

Types of handicaps in sports betting

There are three types of handicaps:

  • ordinary,
  • Asian,
  • European.

Normal handicap

Designated by the letter Ф, side number and whole or half fraction. For example, F1 (2), F1 (-1.5), F2 (-1), F2 (3.5) and so on.

A bet on a regular half handicap can go in or lose.

Let's imagine that you bet on F1 (-1.5) in the Liverpool - Spartak match. Add (-1.5) to the home team's goals. If the score is in Liverpool's favor, the bet is passed.

A bet on a regular whole handicap has three calculation options: entry, return and loss.

For example, you took H2 (3) in corners in the Juventus - Lokomotiv match. Add (3) to the number of red-green corners. If the score on the corners is in favor of Lokomotiv, the bet is won. In case of a tie on the corners, there will be a refund.

European handicap

Designated as a handicap outcome. For example, P2 (0: 2), X (0: 1), P1 (3: 0) and so on.

The bet will play if the selection is entered taking into account the handicap.

For example, in the match Barcelona - Real you bet on W2 (0: 1). Add (1) to the number of Madrid goals. If the score is in favor of "Real", the bet is placed. What is European handicap in sports betting and how it differs from Asian handicap

The Asian handicap in football betting is

denoted by the letter F, the side number and a decimal fraction with the number 75 or 25 after the dot. For example, H1 (2.75), F2 (-1.75), F2 (3.25), H1 (-0.25).

The bet amount on the Asian handicap is divided equally into two adjacent normal handicaps. For example, 2000 rubles for F2 (2.75) is 1000 rubles for F2 (2.5) and 1000 rubles for F2 (3).

Both halves of the bet are calculated according to the rules of the usual handicap.

For example, you won H2 (2.25) in the PSG - AS Monaco match. The bet amounts will be divided equally into F2 (2) and F2 (2.5).

If the guests win, draw and lose in one goal, both halves will go. If you lose by two goals, there will be a return on the first half, and profit on the second. What does the Asian handicap mean: examples of calculating bets on the Asian handicap in football

What is zero handicap in sports betting

Zero handicap in bets is calculated according to the rules of the usual handicap.

If the selected team wins, the bet comes in, and if there is a draw, there will be a refund.

For example, in the match "Hoffenheim" - "Hertha" you bet 10,000 rubles on F1 (0) with the odds of 1.57. Such options are possible.

  1. Call in case of any victory of the hosts. The payment will be 15,700 rubles: 10,000 x 1.57.
  2. Refund in case of a tie. You will receive your 10,000 rubles back.
  3. Loss in case of any victory of the guests.

Zero handicap in sports betting in tennis

A bet on a zero handicap in tennis by games is possible in a meeting of approximately equal opponents. Usually the odds for such an outcome and for a clear win are equal.

Such a bet can go even if the athlete loses.

For example, if the match ends with a score of 6: 1, 3: 6, 6: 7. The first player lost in the meeting, but won 15:14 in games.

When is it profitable to bet with zero handicap

Zero handicap bets are used for insurance instead of betting on a clear win. But there are also double chance bets.

In different situations, each of these types of bets can be more profitable.

Let's compare these rates on the example of the CSKA - Zenit match. Let's imagine that you bet 1000 rubles each on W1 at odds of 3.26, on F1 (0) at 2.24 and on 1X at 1.63.

Result Payout on P1 F1 payout (0) Payout 1X
CSKA wins 3260 2240 1630
Draw 0 1000 1630
Zenit win 0 0 0

If you win, a zero handicap is better than a double chance. In case of a tie, the bet on the handicap (0) gives a refund, and the choice for a clean win leads to a loss of money.

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