Why bookmakers need passport data and SNILS: what else do the offices ask to do and why

Why bookmakers need passport data and SNILS: what else do the offices ask to do and why
Passport data and SNILS can save you from scammers, but sometimes this is not enough.

If you are wondering why bookmakers need passport data and SNILS, do not worry. Bookmakers have come up with a mechanism to protect your account and your money. In this article, we will analyze why bookmakers ask for passport data and SNILS, as well as how to register and verify.
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How to register at a bookmaker

The legalization of the gambling business in Russia has led to the mandatory confirmation of identity. First, you register with one of the legal bookmakers through the official website of the bookmaker. Then fill out the form with your password and phone number.

You will receive an SMS, enter the code, and then verify your identity. For example, in FONBET, for verification, it is enough to fulfill any of the conditions:

  • Get a club card at the PPS and enter your passport data in your personal account, including the series and number.
  • Enter the phone number associated with the Qiwi wallet.
  • Upload your passport photo in your personal account, indicate a convenient time to call and answer the operator.

What are identity verification procedures for?

The bookmaker may repeatedly ask to go through the identification procedure for the following purposes:

  • Make sure the player is 18 years of age or older.
  • Check for multi-accounting. According to the bookmaker's rules, you can create only one account.
  • Remove suspicion. When logging in from different IPs, unsuccessful attempts to change the password, or atypical financial transactions.

In this case, the bookmaker prevents the possibility of theft of funds from the gaming account and excludes the transfer of account management to third parties.

Why bookmakers need passport data and SNILS

In most cases, the bookmaker asks for verification at registration or at the first withdrawal.

Passport data - confirmation that the account is yours. If your phone is stolen, your mail or your account is hacked, the bookmaker will see suspicious activity and ask you to go through verification again.

The BC security service can request a driver's license, military ID, birth certificate, international passport, TIN, SNILS, as well as your photo or even video with a passport in hand. The fraudster will not be able to pass such verification, the account will be blocked, and then you can restore it by changing the password.

What to do if scammers find out the SNILS number

You can only show your full personal account number to representatives of government agencies and other official institutions.

Fraudsters may try to transfer the funded portion of your pension to a non-state pension fund. In this case, contact the Russian Pension Fund. Attackers also use SNILS to create fictitious electronic wallets.

The answer to the question "why bookmakers need passport data and SNILS" is the security of your account and additional verification in case of suspicious transactions. Bookmakers are interested in protecting your account. But play only in legal bookmakers.

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