Why bookmakers block accounts: how bookmakers ban accounts and why they cut highs

Why bookmakers block accounts: how bookmakers ban accounts and why they cut highs
If you do not want to lose your money, study the reasons for blocking an account with a bookmaker. Sometimes even seemingly ordinary bets lead to a ban.

To save your money, you need to know why bookmakers block accounts and why they lower the maximum bets. In this article, we will analyze why bookmakers block the accounts of their clients, why successful players are banned, and how to avoid it.

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Why the bookmaker blocks the accounts of its clients

Bookmaker accounts are blocked for most players for the following reasons.


accounting If a player has created several accounts, all bookmaker companies consider this a gross violation of the rules.

Suspicions of multi-accounting can be raised if:

  • One person uses the data of other people and family members to register new accounts.
  • A group of players acting in collusion place bets to circumvent the established restrictions.

Using specialized software

A player can use a bot to automate bets according to specified parameters. The bookmaker will consider this a violation.

Arbitration game The

client can use surebet game. But bookmakers know how to figure out such players. The bookmaker can limit the size of bets or temporarily freeze the account.

A fork is an opportunity to bet on all events of one market with a guaranteed profit for any outcome.

Read more about surebets here: Arbitrage betting. What is an arb in sports betting: how this strategy works for bookmakers.

Unfair play

If a player has made bets on match-fixing, the bookmaker reserves the right to declare such a bet doubtful and to calculate the bet with odds of 1.00.

A suspicion of foul play is considered justified if a specialized national or international organization has initiated an investigation into the match. For example, Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU), Early Warning System GmbH (EWS), FederBet AISBL.

Also, the bookmaker may cancel the payout on the bet if the bet is made on an event in which the client takes part as a player or a club functionary.

If a player uses his account for betting that regularly arouses suspicion, the bookmaker will blacklist him.

Postlegal betting

This is a bet on outcomes that have already come, to which the bookmaker has not yet had time to react with changes in the line.

Bookmaker can close its eyes on one bet. Do not place post-leg bets all the time, otherwise such bets will be counted at a coefficient of 1.00 and may even block funds withdrawal.

Read more about postgoling here: Post-leg betting: strategy for post-gamblers in bookmakers

Abuse of loyalty programs

This is a deliberate registration with a bookmaker, crediting the maximum allowable deposit and wagering it on suspicious events.

The bookmaker may suspend operations on the gaming account while checking the gaming activity.

Why successful bettors are blocked

The main reasons for blocking an account are listed above. But there are players who break the rules and are in the red. Some bookmakers allow such customers to play and only block those who benefit.

Illegal bookmakers can block your account at any time without giving a reason. A profitable game, even without breaking the rules, can become a reason for a ban.

When contacting support, you will, at best, get your money back without any profit.

The best legal bookmakers don't cut the highs on fair play. Follow all the rules, and you can withdraw money from your account at any time without restrictions.

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