What sport is better to bet on: good advice for beginners on what to bet on

What sport is better to bet on: good advice for beginners on what to bet on
Championship recommendations on how to choose the best sport for betting and where to start for beginners.

The best sport to bet on is the one that pays off. But how do you define it? In this article we will analyze which sport is better to bet on, talk about the difference between individual and team sports, and also discuss important recommendations for beginners.

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Which sport is better to bet on?

Before starting the game at the bookmaker's office, choosing a sport for betting, you should know that success depends on many factors.

Making one profitable sports bet is not enough for long-distance profits. The following factors affect your performance:

  • Ability to analyze all available information.
  • One or more betting strategies.
  • Bankroll management.
  • Luck.

It is safer to test your skills on a betting simulator before playing for real money.

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Which sport is better to bet on: individual or team

In individual sports, there are a couple of athletes involved, and you might think that it is easier to do a qualitative analysis here - this is a popular misconception.

In a solo sport, every little thing matters. The psychological state, mood, state of health at a particular moment in time - all this is almost impossible to know for sure.

The player can sleep poorly or get micro-injured during the match. Thus, the initially favorable rate may not pass due to the small detail, even with a perfect analysis.

If this happens in a team sport, the player is changed, and this has much less impact on the final result.

Betting on popular sports or other sports

Most bets in 2019 were made on football: about 38% of the total. For the rest of the sports, the following distribution is:

  • Tennis - 25%.
  • Hockey - 10%.
  • Other sports - 9%.
  • Basketball - 8%.
  • Volleyball - 5%.
  • Table tennis - 5%.

Most bet on popular sports: major international tournaments and the world's leading club leagues. On such events, bookmakers offer a wide range of bets and allow you to wager large amounts.

Other sports have less choice of rates and lower highs. It is more difficult to find up-to-date statistics and other important information here. Some players use the strategy of loading on small market events.

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Note that almost 77% of bets in bookmakers in 2019 were made in live and about 23% in pre-match. Most often, the person placing the bets will follow the event in real time.

Recommendations for beginner players

The answer to the question "what kind of sport is the best to bet on" is different for everyone. The Championship recommends three simple steps:

  1. Pick the sports you know best.
  2. Identify tournaments covered by major sports media.
  3. Check the effectiveness of your strategy on a virtual account.

What sport is better to bet on, you yourself will understand over time. To do this, check the statistics of your results in test mode. Remember that the sport chosen for betting can always be changed or a new one can be added.

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