What is the most profitable market to bet on football

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Before you jump on a good betting site to stake your odds, you’d want to be sure you have actually developed hard-line betting strategies on how to win sports bets that are unique and consistently yielding. And how can you go about doing that? First, by familiarizing yourself with the most lucrative betting markets in the football betting that you can play.

Here are some of these profitable betting markets?

  1. Correct Score Market

This market is one of the most profitable amongst all the markets football betting. This market allows a better to make a more accurate or exact prediction on what the outcome of a football game will be. Are you 100% certain that an El Classico match will end in 2:1 with Real Madrid taking the win? Then place your bet.

Football is a very unpredictable game, especially when it comes to deciding the exact score of a future game. However, placing a correct score bet, if successful, can be a sure big hit any time, any day.

  1. Half-time/full-time Market

The half-time or full-time market option is quite similar to the correct score market. What the bet player does, in this situation, is to place a bet on the exact scores of the half-time and also the full-time games.

In simpler words, the player is expected to make exact predictions on both the half-time and full-time outcomes of a football match.

Say Liverpool is going to play Manchester City, an HT/FT betting game implies that you place a bet on what the scores will be after the half-time and eventually after the full-time game.

However, before you make a prediction, examine current information, especially on strengths and previous match history of the team you’re betting on.

  1. Win to nil Market

The win to nil market is also one of the most profitable in the football betting world. It is a popular market.

And why’s this?

Because all the bet player has to do is select a team to win and another to lose without any goals. Let’s paint a picture; say Manchester United is to host Chelsea at Old Trafford, then you’ll be betting on say Chelsea to win, and Manchester to loose without a single goal.

Why this market is so profitable is because is a result of the high variable involved and this usually leads to better odds.

  1. Asian Handicap

In this market, what the bettor does is to add a defect to one side of the game, say -1.5 goals. Later, it will be calculated with the overall outcome of the game. Asian Handicap was created to waive draws.

This market yields pretty attractive returns but the stakes may vary across different platforms.

  1. First goalscorer

This is one rather sure way to make money with football betting. This market allows you to predict the player who would be the first goalscorer in a football match. The focus is on the goal scorer and no bearing is placed whatsoever on other goal scorers or the number of total goals scored by the same in the match.

The market of first goalscorers is not guaranteed, however, it can yield great returns at the end of the day.

  1. Draw No Bet

Aside from the fact this market is highly lucrative, it is also very secure. You get to remove the option of a draw from a full-time match result.

DNB is very popular among punters. If you were to place this kind of bet on a match between Arsenal v Everton, with Arsenal to win, you’ll win the bet when Arsenal wins and then lose when Everton wins instead. But if the game ends with no single goal, your money will be refunded after the game.

A Wrap!

Football is a really popular game, with such a wide coverage that extends to different parts of the world. This is why it has been one of the most profitable sports to bet on. If you really want to make it big on this platform, you definitely need to know the most profitable markets to go for.

For a crawling betting beginner who doesn’t want to depend on pundits or the popular words of mouth of the so-called experienced betters, it is best that you learn and understand all the most profitable betting markets in the world of football betting before taking your first step.

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