What is live sports betting: online betting strategies

What is live sports betting: online betting strategies
Live betting allows you to make a profit on any outcome. We analyze strategies that will help you.

Live bets can bring guaranteed profits or reduce losses in case of a bad choice. But playing online is dangerous for your bank. In this article, we will explain what live betting is and look at four strategies for betting during the match.

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What is live betting at a bookmaker's office

Live bets are real-time bets. You make a live bet while playing.

How to place bets during a match

You can place a live bet in three steps:

  • Register with a bookmaker.
  • Fund your game account and open the live section.
  • Select a match and a bet, enter the amount and confirm your choice.

Live betting strategies

Let's consider four strategies for betting in live football and other sports:

1. Strategy for betting on favorites in football

Bet on the victory of the favorite in the match according to the following criteria:

  • The favorite performs at home.
  • The outsider wins by one goal in the first half.
  • Bookmakers offer to bet on the favorite for odds from 1.60.
For example, in the match Liverpool - Bournemouth, the guests scored in the first half. When the score is 0: 1 for the home win, the odds can go up to 2.00. With a bet on Liverpool in the amount of 1000 rubles for 2.00, the payout in case of a win for the hosts will be 2000 rubles: 1000 x 2.00.

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2. Betting on the total of the period in hockey

This strategy is to increase the amount of the bet after a failure. One run should be profitable taking into account previous defeats. Players call such bets in the bookmaker's office.

Bet on total goals over 1.5 in the first period of an NHL match. In case of failure, bet on TB 1.5 in the second and third periods before the first call. In case of three defeats in a row, proceed to the next match.

The odds for total goals over 1.5 in the first period are about 1.65-1.95, in the second 1.40-1.70, and in the third 1.35-1.65.

Calculate the bet amount using the formula:

(bet amount) = (lost bets + desired profit) / (odds - 1)

For example, your bank is 10,000 rubles and your desired profit is 500 rubles. The rate table might look like this:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
625 1.80 Losing 9375
2046 1.55 Losing 7329
6342 1.50 Winnings 10,500

3. Basketball Quarter Bets

Take an outsider win in the first quarter of an NBA game. If you fail, bet on the outsider in the next quarters, increasing the amount of the bet according to the catch-up strategy. If you have been defeated four times in a row, proceed to another match.

For example, your bank is 15,000 rubles, and your desired profit is 1,500 rubles. The rate table might look like this:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
1305 2.15 Losing 13 695
2158 2.30 Losing 11,537
4136 2.20 Winnings 16,500

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4. Insurance of bets in live

Insurance in live is a bet on the outcome opposite to the one made earlier.

Insure live bets to reduce losses or get guaranteed profits. Consider both cases:

For example, in the Zenit - Lokomotiv match, you bet 1000 rubles on the home team's victory for a coefficient of 1.80. After the first half 1: 1. You bet

1000 rubles on X2 on guests for 1.75, that is, on a draw or a victory of Lokomotiv.

If Zenit wins, you will receive 1800 rubles: 1000 x 1.80, and in other cases 1750 rubles: 1000 x 1750. With a sum of bets of 2000 rubles, you will be in the red, but you will reduce losses from possible failure.

Let's imagine that in the match "Spartak" - "Krasnodar" you bet 1,500 rubles on the total goals under 1.5 for the odds of 2.60. After the first half 0: 0. For 2.45 you bet 1500 rubles on total goals over 1.5.

With two or more balls, you get 3675: 1500 x 2.45. Otherwise, the payment will be 3900 rubles: 1500 x 2.60. With the sum of bets of 3000 rubles, you will be in the black for any outcome.

When playing live, you can catch high odds, but be careful. You have to make decisions very quickly, and the score in the match can change at any time. To increase your chances of making a profit, use one or more strategies.

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