What is handicap 1 in sports betting: what does it mean and examples of calculating football betting

What is handicap 1 in sports betting: what does it mean and examples of calculating football betting
Handicap bets are used to hedge or increase odds. Let us analyze in which cases to take F1 (1), and when to take F1 (-1).

Handicaps in football betting are useful when there are not enough main outcomes or the odds are not satisfied. In this article, we will analyze what a handicap is and what it is, consider examples of calculating bets on football and analyze the selection criteria for F1 (1) and F1 (-1).

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What is a handicap in sports betting

Handicap is a value that is added to the result of one of the teams or an athlete over a certain playing interval. For example, soccer goals, hockey goals, tennis games, basketball points, and so on.

Handicap 1 is a bet on the victory of the first team, taking into account the handicap.

Types of handicap bets

There are plus and minus handicaps according to the sign.

The handicap can be common, Asian and European.

A common handicap in soccer betting

The usual handicap in the bookmaker's line is indicated by the letter "F", the number of the side and an integer or decimal fraction with five tenths. For example, F1 (1), F2 (-2.5) and so on.

When betting on a regular fractional handicap, two calculation options are possible - win or lose.

When betting on a regular whole handicap, a return is also possible, if adding a value results in a draw.

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Asian handicap in soccer betting

The Asian handicap is written in the line with the letter "Ф", the number of the side and the decimal fraction with a value of 25 or 75 after the dot. For example, F1 (0.25), F2 (-1.75) and so on.

When betting on an Asian handicap, the bet amount is divided into equal parts between two adjacent regular handicaps. For example, H1 (-1.75) is a bet on H1 (-1.5) and H1 (-2).

European handicap in soccer betting

In Russian bookmakers, the European handicap is designated as a handicap.

The European handicap is a bet on one of the three main outcomes, taking into account the handicap. For example, P1 (1: 0), X (0: 2), P2 (3: 0) and so on. There is no return for the European handicap.

A handicap tie wins if the goals are tied after the handicap has been added.

A handicap winning bet wins if, after adding the handicap, the betting team wins.

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How the handicap bet is calculated

Let's consider three examples of calculating bets with a handicap of 1000 rubles each: for regular, Asian and European.

  • H1 (-1) in the match Lokomotiv - Zenit for a coefficient of 3.80. If the hosts won by two goals or more, the payout will be 3800 rubles: 1000 x 3.80. If Lokomotiv wins by one ball, the stake will be refunded.
  • H2 (-0.75) in the match "Manchester City" - "Liverpool" at the odds of 2.20. Bets are divided into two halves: 500 rubles for Away (-0.5) and 500 rubles for Away (-1). If the guests win with a difference of one goal, according to Away (-0.5) the payment will be 1100 rubles: 500 x 2.20, and according to Away (-1) there will be a return of 500 rubles. The total payout is RUB 1,600: 1100 + 500. If Liverpool wins by two or more goals, both halves of the bet will come in, and the payout is RUB 2,200: 1,000 x 2.20.
  • W1 (1: 0) in the match "Napoli" - "Barcelona" at the odds of 1.85. In case of a draw or a win for the home team, the payment will be 1850 rubles: 1000 x 1.85.

When to bet on H1 (1) and H1 (-1)

Bet on H1 (-1) according to the criteria:

  • The hosts have won over 60% of their home games this season.
  • The guests rested less time.
  • The hosts will only be satisfied with the victory.
  • Two or more players of the main line-up of guests will miss the meeting.
  • Bookmakers give the home win coefficient less than 1.30.

Bet on a positive handicap in the following cases:

  • The hosts have lost less than 25% of their home games by more than a goal margin this season.
  • The guests rested less time.
  • The hosts have conceded less than 1.5 goals at home on average this season.
  • The guests have scored less than 40% of points in away matches this season.
  • Bookmakers give odds on H1 (1) more than 1.50.

When betting with a handicap, calculate the suitable outcomes in advance. Use F1 (-1) when you are confident that the home team will win and believe that the home team can win with a margin. Take F1 (1) if you think that losing by one goal is the worst thing that can happen to the hosts.

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