What is European handicap in sports betting and how it differs from Asian handicap

What is European handicap in sports betting and how it differs from Asian handicap
Newbies fight with bookmakers over the European handicap. We explain the nuances of the rules and how you can replace this insidious bet.

The European handicap has repeatedly led to scandals among bettors at bookmakers. The reason is the peculiarities of the rules. In this article we will analyze what the European handicap is, how to calculate it and the differences from the Asian handicap.

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What is a handicap in sports betting

Handicap is a number that is added to the result of one of the teams or an athlete for a certain playing segment. For example, goals, corners, yellow cards, sets, points, pucks, games, fouls, and so on. The handicap is also called a handicap.

Types of handicaps in sports betting

There are three types of handicaps:

  • ordinary,
  • Asian,
  • European.

According to the sign, the handicaps are divided into minus and plus ones.

A common handicap in sports betting

Bookmakers indicate the usual handicap with the letter "F", the team number and an integer or half decimal fraction. For example, Ф2 (2), Ф2 (-1.5), Ф1 (-1), Ф1 (3.5) and so on.

By the usual handicap with an integer number, the bet enters or loses.

For example, you bet on F2 (-3.5) in a football match between Hoffenheim and Bayern. Add (-3.5) to the guest result. If the score is in favor of Bayern, the bet is on.

According to the usual handicap with a decimal fraction, the bet may win, lose or return.

Let's imagine that you took F1 (2) in a hockey match "Avangard" - CSKA. Add (2) to the host result. If the score is in favor of Avangard, the bet is placed. In case of a tie, there will be a refund.

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Asian handicap in sports betting

Bookmakers denote the Asian handicap, as well as the usual one, with one difference: the decimal fraction after the dot has the number 25 or 75. For example, F2 (2.25), F2 (-1.75), F1 (-3.25), F1 (0.75) and so on.

The Asian handicap bet is divided in half between two adjacent regular handicaps. For example, H1 (1.25) is a bet on H1 (1) and H1 (1.5).

For example, you bet on F1 (1.75) in the Zenit - Porto match. The bet amount is divided into two halves between H1 (1.5) and H1 (2). Count both halves using the normal handicap examples above.

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What is European Handicap in Football Betting

European Handicap is a bet on the main outcome with the addition of the correct score.

The European handicap is indicated in the bookmaker's line in the form of the outcome and the score from which the match conditionally starts: W1 (0: 1), X (0: 2), W2 (2: 0).

W1 - a bet on the home win, X - a draw, W2 - a bet on the guests' win.

The bet is won if the event ends with the chosen outcome, taking into account the handicap.

There are two differences between the European handicap and the Asian handicap and the usual handicap.

1. There is no refund for European handicap.

2. Asian and regular odds cannot be bet on a draw.

How to calculate European handicap bets

For example, consider a European handicap of three bets, each worth 1,000 rubles.

  1. W1 (0: 1) in the match "Zenit" - "Krasnodar" for a coefficient of 2.80. If the home team wins with a difference of two goals or more, then the payout will be 2800 rubles: 1000 x 2.80.
  2. W2 (0: 2) in the meeting PSG - Lyon for a coefficient of 1.65. The payout will be 1650 rubles: 1000 x 1.65, if the visiting team wins or lost with a difference of one goal, as well as in the event of a draw.
  3. X (0: 1) in the match Arsenal - Everton at the odds of 5.00. If Arsenal wins with one goal difference, the payout will be 5000 rubles: 1000 x 5.00.

What bets can the player replace the handicap value

You can replace the European handicap with the victory of one of the teams with the usual fractional handicap.

With the European handicap P1 (0: 1), the home team wins with a difference of two goals or more. H1 (-1.5) - coincides with this bet.

With the European handicap W2 (0: 3) it is necessary that the guests do not lose with a difference of three or more goals. H2 (2.5) - the same bet.

If you take X (0: 2), the victory of the guests is suitable with a difference of exactly two goals. In Russian bookmakers there are bets on the winning of one of the teams with a certain difference in the score.

Before betting on European and Asian handicaps, keep in mind the differences: the Asian handicap cannot be bet on a draw, and there is no return on the European handicap. You should find out the final score that suits you and the rules for calculating bets from bets on the European handicap.

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