What is a three-way total bet: what does it mean in football and other sports

What is a three-way total bet: what does it mean in football and other sports
In bets on a three-way total, you can hit the jackpot. But when calculating this bet, there are special rules that need to be studied.

What does three-way total mean in sports betting and can a betting strategy be profitable? In this article, we will analyze the answers to the main questions, consider the features of betting on a three-way total, why it is worth making, and also discuss the pros and cons.

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What is three-way total in sports betting

Three-way total - a bet on the number of effective actions of both teams.

Three-way total includes three outcome options: over, under and equal. Since there are three options, there is no refund.

It can only be with an integer, without the usual 1.5, 2.5 and so on for the usual total.

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An example of a three-way total in football betting

Consider 3way bets on the number of goals scored.

The bookmaker gives a line with several options for such totals:

  • more than 2 with a coefficient of 1.50;
  • equals 2 in 3.20;
  • less than 2 in 3.90;
  • more than 3 for 3.50;
  • equal to 3 for 3.40;
  • less than 3 in 2.20.

If after the analysis you decide that three goals will be scored in the match, bet on the three-way total is 3. The bet is won if the number of goals in the match is three.

For example, if the match ended with a score of 2: 1 or 3: 0.

You can also place a more careful 3way bet on more than 2. In the case of three goals or more, you win.

But three-way bets on total over or under 3 with three goals in the match will not go.

This is the difference between such bets and bets on the usual total, where you can bet TB 3 or TM 3 and get a refund with three goals.

Types of bets on three-way total in bookmakers

Three-way totals are used in hockey and other sports, but they are mainly represented in football betting.

Individual three-way total

This is a bet on the performance of one of the teams.

Some clubs rarely score more than one goal per game. Like Kazan "Rubin" in the 2019/2020 season in the RPL. On his matches, bet on a three-way total of less than 2.

There are teams that score at least two goals in almost every match: Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and other grandees. In the matches of these teams, bet on three-way total over 2.

Also look for patterns for bets on the exact number of team goals, that is, three-way total is equal.

For example, Liverpool scored two goals in six of the 14 away Premier League matches prior to the suspension of the 2019/2020 season.

The odds for an individual three-way total is 2, usually they give at least 3.00. With a bet of 1000 rubles for each of 14 matches, the total profit would be 4000 rubles: 1000 x 3.00 x 6 - 1000 x 14.

Three-way total for corners and other statistics

Additional betting markets are usually offered by bookmakers in the matches of popular tournaments. You can make a three-way bet on the number of corners, the number of outs, offsides, yellow cards, and so on.

There are popular bets on a three-way total by the number of corners, including bets on an individual total.

If the choice comes in with the outcome "equal", you will receive a solid profit, since the odds will be from 3.00 and higher.

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Three-way total betting strategy

Some players place multiple bets on the most likely corner kicks or on the exact number of goals for one team.

Since the odds are usually from 3.00, and sometimes from 4.00 for profit on the distance, it is enough to guess about 25-30% of the bets. After all, winning one wager compensates for losses from other defeats.

In bets on 3way more or less, the odds are lower, so it is important to minimize the number of losses. Thoroughly analyze matches, the balance of power and statistics of individual teams.

Recommendations for bets on three-way total

Consider the following factors when choosing a bet:

  • Attacking power. If one of the team scored more than three goals in at least 25% of matches of the season, do not bet on the exact number of goals
  • Defensive style. If a team scores less than 1.5 goals per game on average per season, play an individual three-way total under 2
  • The weather. When it is raining or snowing and the field is in poor condition, the game speed slows down. This leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the teams. Take a three-way total under 3
  • Compositions. Disqualification and injuries of the leading attacking players for the worse affect the performance. Bet on individual 3-way total under with odds of about 1.70-1.90 if the team's top scorer misses the match
  • Personal meetings. If the team is the favorite among the bookmakers, but has scored less than 1.5 goals on average in the last five matches with the closest rival, play individual three-way total less for odds in the region of 1.70-1.90

Pros and cons of betting on a three-way total versus a regular total

Advantage: higher coefficient.

Disadvantages: more risk and lower maximum bet limits.

When choosing bets on a three-way total, remember that there is no return. You risk more than when betting on a regular total, but you can bet with a higher odds.

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