What is a system in sports betting: types, calculation, how it differs from an express bet

What is a system in sports betting: types, calculation, how it differs from an express bet
A bet on the system brings money, even if several bets in its composition lose. How is this possible? "Championship" figured it out.

A system among the three main types of sports betting. The first two are ordinary and express. The advantage of the system is that profit can be obtained even if one or several bets in its composition are lost. In this article we will analyze what the system means in sports betting, how bets are calculated by the system, where and how to make them.

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What is a sports betting system

The system is a combined bet of several multiples. The amount of the bet on the system is evenly distributed between these express bets.

The system name consists of two numbers. For example, "3 out of 4". The second number is the number of selections in the system, and the first is the number of events in each of the express bets in the system. In the "3 out of 4" system, there are only 4 outcomes, which are combined into express bets with 3 events in each. There are 4 express trains in total. In order to receive a payout under this system, at least 3 out of 4 outcomes must pass. Then 1 out of 4 express bets will win in the system.

Systems in bookmakers reach any dimension up to "15 out of 16". The table of dimensions of FONBET systems is presented below. The vertical line indicates the number of events in the system. The number of events in one variant is indicated horizontally. For example, the number of variants in the 5/8 system is in the 5th column of the 8th row of the table. We get 56 options. The minimum bet on a system is equal to the number of options for this system, but not less than 50 rubles.

k / n 2 3 four five 6 7 eight nine 10 eleven 12 13 fourteen fifteen
3 3
four 6 four
five 10 10 five
6 fifteen twenty fifteen 6
7 21 35 35 21 7
eight 28 56 70 56 28 eight
nine 36 84 126 126 84 36 nine
10 45 120 210 252 210 120 45 10
eleven 55 165 330 462 462 330 165 55 eleven
12 66 220 495 792 924 792 495 220 66 12
13 78 286 715 1287 1716 1716 1287 715 286 78 13
fourteen 91 364 1001 2002 3003 3432 3003 2002 1001 364 91 fourteen
fifteen 105 455 1365 3003 5005 6435 6435 5005 3003 1365 455 105 fifteen
sixteen 120 560 1820 4368 8008 11440 12870 11440 8008 4368 1820 560 120 sixteen

How the system rate differs from the express

If at least one outcome in the accumulator is unsuccessful, the entire bet will lose. But in the system, the payout is possible even when one or several outcomes fail. Players see the system as insurance. If you often do not have express bets because of one or two bets, then the system can be an excellent way out of the situation.

In betting on the system, paradoxes are not excluded: the payout may turn out to be less than the amount of the bet. You will receive a guaranteed profit if you win at least one express in the system if the coefficient of each express is greater than the number of combinations in the system.

Duplicate and interconnected events cannot be taken into the system. The minimum number of outcomes in the system is three.

An example of calculating a sports betting system

Let's imagine that you have bet 4000 rubles on the "3 out of 4" system and have chosen the following four outcomes:

  • Chelsea win in 2.40,
  • victory of "Spartak" for 2.50,
  • Zenit win for 3.00,
  • win for Barcelona at 4.00.

We calculate the odds of four express bets with three outcomes in each:

  1. Chelsea, Spartak and Zenit wins. Odds: 2.40 x 2.50 x 3.00 = 18.00.
  2. Chelsea, Spartak and Barcelona wins. Odds: 24.00.
  3. Chelsea, Zenit and Barcelona wins. Odds: 28.80.
  4. Victories of Spartak, Zenit and Barcelona. Odds: 30.00.

Since you have bet 4000 rubles, the bookmaker will allocate 1000 rubles for each of the four express bets. To calculate the potential winnings, you must multiply the odds of each express in the system by 1000 rubles, add the results and subtract the amount of the bet - 4000 rubles. This will be your net profit.

The potential winnings according to the example system will be as follows:

18.00 x 1000 + 24.00 x 1000 + 28.80 x 1000 + 30.00 x 1000 - 4000 = 18 000 + 24 000 + 28 800 + 30 000 - 4000 = 96 800 rubles

If you lose one express, you are all you can still make a good profit. It all depends on the odds that have been played.

Where to place a bet system

The dimensions of the system in bookmakers differ. When playing at the FONBET bookmaker, you can select the dimension up to "15 out of 16". The minimum bet on the system at this bookmaker is 50 rubles, and for each express in the system - 1 ruble.

How to place a bet by the system in a bookmaker's office

Choose at least three outcomes and add them to the coupon. When playing at the FONBET bookmaker, go to the coupon, select the type of bet system, decide on the configuration and enter the bet amount. Remember that the amount will be evenly distributed among the express trains in the system.

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