What is a single bet in soccer betting: what does it mean, the differences from the express bet, the calculation in the bookmaker's office

What is a single bet in soccer betting: what does it mean, the differences from the express bet, the calculation in the bookmaker's office
Professional players are betting in single orders. This type of bet allows you to make accurate single predictions. But what is single?

The single bet type, or single bet, is very popular in bookmakers - about 80% of bets are of this type. Let's take a look at what a single bet is, how to place it, examples of calculation in a bookmaker's office, the difference from an express bet and the advantages of a single bet.

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What is an ordinary in sports betting

A single bet is a single bet. That is, a bet on the outcome or outcomes in one sporting event, for example, a football match. There are three options for the single order: win, loss, return (aka expense).

Single can be double. This is a bet that combines two unrelated outcomes in one match, for example, the home win and the total over. Or the victory of the guests and a bet that both teams will score.

A single bet can be placed on any market in live and prematch, on long-term events like the championship. A victory with a handicap, a double chance, a total of yellow cards, a defeat of an obvious favorite - these are all single bets.

How to place a single bet

To place a single bet:

  • register with a bookmaker,
  • go through personal identification,
  • top up the account balance,
  • select the event and the outcome you want to bet on,
  • enter the bet amount,
  • confirm your choice.

How the single is calculated - examples

To calculate the potential payout per single bet, use the formula: (bet amount x odds). To get a net profit, subtract the size of your bet from the resulting payment amount.

Let's consider examples of calculating a single bet in a bookmaker's office.

  • You bet 1000 rubles with a coefficient of 2.50 on Spartak's victory. If successful, the red-and-white payout will be 2500 rubles: 1000 x 2.50, and the net winnings will be 1500 rubles. Any other result will lead to defeat.
  • You bet 2,000 rubles on total over 5 goals in the NHL Washington - Pittsburgh match with odds of 2.25. If there are six or more goals in the match, then the bet will win, and you will receive 4500 rubles: 2000 x 2.25. Four goals or less will result in a loss. Exactly five goals will be returned.

The difference between an ordinary and an express

If you want to place a bet on two events at once, then what should you do - collect an express or do it in single orders? In an express bet the odds will be higher, but the bookmaker's margin and the risk of defeat are higher.

For example, you want to take the victories of Lokomotiv and Zenit with odds of 2.40 and 2.50. If you combine the elections into an express train, the total odds will be 6.00: 2.40 x 2.50. With a bet of 2,000 rubles, the potential payout is 12,000 rubles: 2,000 x 6.00.

If we take the same options in single orders of 1000 rubles, then the first bet can bring 2500 rubles: 1000 x 2.50, and the second one - 2400 rubles: 1000 x 2.40. The total potential payout is 4,900 rubles: 2,500 + 2,400.

Express looks more tempting due to its larger potential payout. But if one event loses and the other wins, then in the case of single bets one of your bets will win, while the express bet will lose completely.

Pros and cons of single betting

The advantage of a single player is that you make a prediction for a carefully selected outcome, instead of collecting several events in a combination. Experienced players place single bets, because it is rarely possible to find several profitable bets at the same time.

The disadvantage of playing single bets with a bookmaker is that you are unlikely to win a mountain of money in a couple of days. Although there are odds with very high odds, for example, on the exact score. In addition, you will have to risk a larger amount for a substantial payout than when betting on an accumulator or a system at a bookmaker's office.

Share with your novice betting friends the knowledge of what an ordinary is in betting on football and other sports, what a single means for a professional betting game, what is the difference between this type of bets!

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