What is a multi-corner in football betting and what are the types of multi-corner bets?

What is a multi-corner in football betting and what are the types of multi-corner bets?
What is the difference between multi-corners and total corners and why almost no one knows about this type of multi-bet.

Bookmakers offer a wide range of bets on the number of corners in football matches: outcomes, totals, handicaps, etc. But not all sports fans know what a multi-corner is in football betting. Learn how to bet on this type of multi-bet to increase your chances of making a profit.

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What is a multi-corner

Corners in football are corners.

A multi-corner in betting is a market in which the number of corners in the first and second half is multiplied. This is not just counting the number of corners in the match, but their distribution before and after the break.

To bet on a multi-corner, choose between over / under options.

Let's imagine that a bookmaker offers the following multi-corner for the Real - Barcelona match: over 24.5 with odds of 2.10 and less than 24.5 for odds of 1.70.

For example, there were four corners in the first half of the match, and six in the second. We multiply these numbers and get 24. The bet will win if you have chosen the total less than 24.5.

Types of multi-corner bets in football

There are two types of multi-corner corner betting:

1. General. Multiply the number of corners in the first and second halves taken by both teams.

2. Individual. The corner kicks that one of the teams will take in each half are multiplied.

The second option is better if, on the basis of statistical data, it can be concluded that a team, on average, serves a large number of corners in each game. For example, six corners per match.

Example of a multi-corner bet

Let's consider how to place a bet using a specific example. On April 8, 2020, for the semifinal match of the Belarus Cup "Slavia" - BATE, the bookmaker offered the following multi-corner list:

  • Total: 24.5B for 2.10 odds, 24.5M for 1.67.
  • Hosts: 4.5B for 2.25, 4.5M for 1.57.
  • Guests: 6.5B for 2.25, 6.5M for 1.57.

We bet 1000 rubles with a coefficient of 2.10 on the total total over 24.5B. Six corners were taken in the first half and eight in the second. The bet won, because 6 x 8 = 48. The payout was 2100 rubles: 1000 x 2.10, net winnings - 1100 rubles: 2100 - 1000.

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Basic principles of multi-corner betting

Consider the following factors when choosing a multi-corner bet:

1. Statistics for each team. Look not only at the total number of corners, but also at their distribution by half.

2. The balance of forces of the opponents. The clear favorite attacks more often from the first minutes, earning corners. This means that already in the first half, the favorite can file several corners. If each team's odds are higher than 2.30, they can play cautiously and take few corners in the starting 45-minute. And even if in the second half they are served more and there will be a lot of corners throughout the match, the total of the multi-corner will be low.

3. The tactics of attacking and defensive actions of opponents. If there is a high forward in the team, who is constantly being attacked by flanking canopies, then feel free to take the general or individual top. Conversely, there are clubs that are not afraid of the standards at their goal and boldly knock the ball over the endline. Such teams are also suitable for betting more total on a multi-corner.

4. Tournament motivation. If one of the teams has to win by two goals or more, it will attack and deliver a large number of shots on goal. This often leads to breaking through total corners in both halves.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for betting on corners, but you can improve your chances of winning in multi-corner bets if you consider these guidelines:

  • Choose a few clubs that serve at least three to four corners in the first halves on average throughout the season.
  • Bet on the breakout by the favorite of the individual multi-corner when the opponents are an obvious outsider.
  • Play odds at the level of 1.80-2.10.
  • Take an individual multi-corner from one of the teams if there are no suitable odds for the general market.

Stick to these principles when placing multi-corner bets.

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Cons of multi-corner betting

There are several drawbacks in multi-corner betting:

1. Not all legal bookmakers offer it in the list.

2. Few options for the results in the list. If totals have a decent range of numbers and several options (on average from 7.5 to 13.5), then in the multi-corner they often give only one option (at the level of 22.5-28.5).

3. High bookmaker margin. Usually, the margin in a multi-corner is about 8-10% due to the fact that this type of bet is not popular with players.

4. Unpredictability of the result due to the multi-bet element. Not only the total number of corners is taken into account, but also individual indicators by half.

But despite all these difficulties, the multi-corner in football betting has its fans. This type of sports betting is really original and interesting. You can profit from betting on multi-corners if you learn how to effectively analyze the number of corners by half.

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