What is a 1X2 bet: analysis of the line for the outcome and the difference from the choice for a double chance

What is a 1X2 bet: analysis of the line for the outcome and the difference from the choice for a double chance
Bet on W1, the hosts won, but the bookmaker doesn't pay? The Championship explains how this is possible and analyzes strategies in the 1X2 market.

The 1X2 market is deceptively simple. You bet on the first team to win, the hosts win, and the bookmaker says that the bet has not entered. How is this possible? In this article, we will analyze the features of betting on the 1X2 market, compare them with a double chance and discuss strategies.

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What is a 1X2 bet

A 1x2 bet is a bet on the main outcome.

There are three betting options on the 1X2 market:

  • 1 or W1 - a bet on the first team to win,
  • X - a bet on a draw,
  • 2 or W2 - a bet on the victory of the second team.

In the 1X2 market, bookmakers accept bets on the result of regular time. This must be taken into account in matches where a draw is possible, extra time, penalty shootouts or shootouts.

How 1X2 is calculated in sports betting

Calculate the possible payout from 1X2 bets using the formula :

S x K , where S is the bet amount, K is the coefficient.

Let's consider four examples of calculating rates for 1X2 in the amount of 2000 rubles:

  • W2 in the tennis match Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal for a coefficient of 2.30. If Djokovic wins, the payment will be 4,600 rubles: 2,000 x 2.30.
  • X in a football game Chelsea v Tottenham at 4.05 odds. In case of a tie, the payment will be 8100 rubles: 2000 x 4.05.
  • P1 in the hockey match "Ak Bars" - CSKA for the odds of 3.20. If CSKA wins in regular time, the payment will be 6400 rubles: 2000 x 3.20. Any other outcome will not work. Even the victory of "Ak Bars" in overtime or in shootouts.
  • W1 in a football match "Real" - "Bavaria" for a coefficient of 2.30. Let's imagine that this is the second leg of the Champions League playoffs, where Bayern won 2-1 in the first match. If Real Madrid wins in regular time, the payment will be 4600 rubles: 2000 x 2.30. Even if the hosts win with a score of 2: 1, but will be eliminated on the basis of extra time.

In sports where a tie is impossible, bookmakers only accept bets on the outcomes W1 and W2. For example, tennis and volleyball.

1X2 strategies in football betting

Bet on W1 in the following cases:

  • The hosts have won over 50% of their home games this season.
  • Home win odds exceed 2.00.
  • The guests rested less time.
  • The hosts will only be satisfied with the victory.
  • Two or more players of the main squad of guests will miss the match.

The odds for a draw in a football match are over 3.00. For profit at a distance, it is enough to guess a draw in every third match.

Select a match to bet on a draw based on four criteria:

  • This tournament draws more often than the top 5 European leagues.
  • Opponents have played with each other at least twice in the last six matches.
  • A draw will suit both teams.
  • The teams have drawn at least two draws in the last six rounds.

Bet on W2 in the following cases:

  • The guests only need victory.
  • The hosts have no tournament motivation.
  • The odds for the away win are above 2.00.
  • The hosts have won less than 50% of their games at home this season.
  • Away guests score more points than at home.

Double chance betting

Double Chance is a bet on two out of three possible outcomes. Also, a double chance is called a double outcome.

There are three options for double chance bets:

  • 1X - the first team wins or a draw.
  • 12 - victory of the first or second team.
  • X2 - victory of the second team or a draw.

There is a market for double chance bets only in those sports in which a draw is possible in regular time. For example, in football, hockey or basketball.

How double chance bets are calculated

Let's consider three examples of calculating double chance bets in the amount of 1000 rubles:

  • 1X in a hockey match CSKA - SKA for a coefficient of 1.25. In case CSKA wins or draws in regulation time, the payout will be 1250 rubles: 1000 x 1.25.
  • 12 in the football match Krasnodar - Zenit for a coefficient of 1.50. If one of the teams wins in regular time, the payout will be 1500 rubles: 1000 x 1.50.
  • X2 in the basketball match "Fenerbahce" - "Olympiacos" for the coefficient 2.40. In case of a draw in regulation time or Olympiacos wins, the payment will be 2,400 rubles: 1,000 x 2.40.

Double Chance Football Betting Strategies

  • Bet on 1X if the hosts are the clear favorites of the meeting, and you decide to make a big bet, but you doubt their victory.
  • Bet on X2 if the bookmakers consider the guests a favorite with odds up to 1.80 to win.
  • Bet on 12 if both teams are satisfied with just winning.

Most bookmakers set the same margin in the 1X2 and Double Chance markets. Bet on one of the three main outcomes according to the "Championship" strategies. And use a double chance if you want to play it safe or bet against a draw.

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