What does the return mean in bets on express: how events are calculated in the bookmaker at an expense

What does the return mean in bets on express: how events are calculated in the bookmaker at an expense
If one or more bets are returned in the express, you will have to count everything anew. Explain how the coefficient can change.

Full or partial refunds are possible in bets on express. Your accepted bet may be settled at a different odds. In this article, we will analyze what a refund means in bets with a multiplier and how such bets are calculated in bookmakers.

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What is an accumulator in sports betting

Multi is a combined bet on two or more outcomes. If at least one event in the multi bet does not enter, the entire bet will lose.

The final multiplier coefficient is equal to the product of the coefficients of the outcomes included in it.

For example, you have collected bets on the wins of Spartak for 2.50, Zenit for 2.00 and CSKA for 1.80 into an express bet.

The total multiplier is 9.00: 2.50 x 2.00 x 1.80.

With a bet of 1000 rubles, you can get 9000 rubles if all three elections pass.

Express bet at a bookmaker's office: Express in sports betting: what it is, how to bet and how it is calculated at the bookmakers

What is a bet refund at a bookmaker's office

A bet refund or expense is calculated at odds of 1.00.

Bookmakers make a refund of the bet if it is provided for in the outcome or according to their own rules.

  • For some reason, the match did not take place.
  • The event was unsportsmanlike.
  • The meeting was completed ahead of schedule.
  • The bookmaker made a mistake in the odds
  • Bookmakers suspected the client of foul play.

Some illegal bookmakers make a return on winning bets, referring to erroneous odds or suspicions.

The return in the outcome is provided for in bets on whole handicaps and totals.

Refunds in handicap bets

Handicap is a number that is added to the result of one of the parties.

A full refund is possible in bets on a regular handicap with an integer.

The rate will be the expense if, after adding the handicap, the score becomes equal.

Let's imagine that in the Barcelona - Krasnodar match you bet on the hosts to win with a handicap (-2). We add (-2) to the result of the Catalans. In case of equality, there will be a return. For example, at 2: 0, 3: 1, 4: 2, and so on.

Partial refunds are possible in Asian handicap bets. These are handicaps with a fractional number of 25 or 75 after the dot. For example, H1 (-1.75), F2 (2.25).

The bet amount on the Asian handicap is divided in half between two adjacent regular handicaps. Let's say 2000 rubles for F1 (-2.75) is 1000 rubles for F1 (-2.5) and for F1 (-3).

Let's imagine that you made such a bet in the match “Real” - “Locomotive” with the odds of 2.80. If the hosts win by three goals, H1 (-2.5) will enter, and in H1 (-3) there will be a return.

You will receive 3800 rubles: 1000 x 2.80 + 1000 x 1.00. At a rate of 2,000 rubles, the net profit will be 1,800 rubles: 3,800 - 2,000.

Refund in bets on total

Total is the number of actions in a match. For example, goals, corners, yellow cards, penalties, assists, points, games, and so on.

There are two types of totals.

  • General - the indicators of all participants in the match are considered.
  • Individual - take into account the statistics of one team or athlete.

When betting on the total, you choose more or less than the specified number and time interval: match, half, set, period, quarter, and so on.

Bets on whole and Asian total are calculated in the same way as the handicap in the examples above.

Let's imagine that in the match Liverpool - Manchester City we have taken the total goals over 3. If three goals are scored in the meeting, we will receive a refund.

Or, for the same meeting, we bet 1000 rubles on total goals over 3.25 for a coefficient of 2.40. 500 rubles each will go to TB 3 and TB 3.5.

With exactly three balls on the first half, the bet will be returned, and on the second half - a loss. The payment will be 500 rubles: 500 x 1.00.

Refunds in rates: What does return mean in sports betting: express consumption and examples for single events

Refund of the bet in the express

A possible return can be completed by the entire express and its individual parts.

You will receive an express payout for several sporting events if there is an expense or a win for each outcome.

Each return in the express is calculated with the odds of 1.00. Because of this, the overall multiplier coefficient changes.

For example, you bet 1000 rubles on a three-way express.

1. Handicap (+1) for guests in the KHL match "Ak Bars" - "Avangard" with a coefficient of 1.60.

2. Total over 220 points in the NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors for 1.80.

3. Home Individual Total Over 3 in the Chelsea vs. Arsenal 2.50 game.

The final multiplier is 7.20: 1.60 x 1.80 x 2.50.

If all three choices go, you will receive 7200 rubles: 1000 x 7.20. With at least one failure, the entire express will lose.

Consider some of the other options:

  • If you return on the first bet and enter on the other two, the multiplier will be equal to 4.50: 1.00 x 1.80 x 2.50. The payment will be 4500 rubles.
  • If you win on the second bet and spend on the first and third bets, the multiplier will be 1.80: 1.00 x 1.80 x 1.00. You will receive 1800 rubles.
  • If all three bets are returned, the multiplier will be equal to 1.00. You will get 1000 rubles back.

If you return one or more selections, the multiplier will change. Remember that the expense is possible due to the rules of the bookmaker. Check the bet slip and see the results of the matches if the payout on the express is less than expected.

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