What does the Asian handicap mean: examples of calculating bets on the Asian handicap in football

What does the Asian handicap mean: examples of calculating bets on the Asian handicap in football
The Asian handicap scares off beginners with the complexity of the calculations, but it's easier to figure it out than it seems.

In Asian handicap betting, if you fail, you can save half the amount. In this article, we will take a look at what the Asian handicap is and the difference between the regular and Asian handicap.

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What is a handicap in sports betting

Handicap is a number that is added to the result of an athlete or team based on the results of an event or part of it. For example, points, pucks, goals, games, corners, yellow cards, and so on.

The usual handicap in betting

The handicap record consists of three elements:

  1. The letters "F".
  2. Team numbers.
  3. Brackets with whole number or decimal with five-tenths.

For example, F1 (2.5), F2 (-1.5), F1 (-3), F2 (1) and so on.

The usual fractional handicap comes in or loses. No return possible.

Let's imagine that you bet on F1 (-1.5) on corners in the match "Inter" - "Benfica". Add (-1.5) to the host's number of corners. If the score on the corners is in favor of Inter, the bet wins.

In a normal handicap with a whole number, there can be a win, a loss or a return.

For example, you took F2 (2) on yellow cards in the Lokomotiv - Zenit match. Add (2) to Guest Alerts. If the score on the yellow cards is in favor of Zenit, the bet has entered. In case of a tie, there will be a refund.

What is Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap record in betting consists of three elements:

  1. The letters "F".
  2. Team numbers.
  3. Decimal with 75 or 25 after the dot

For example, Away (1.75), Away (-1.25), Away (2.25), Away (-0.75).

Also, the Asian handicap in betting is called the Asian handicap.

In an Asian handicap, the bet is divided in two halves between adjacent regular handicaps. For example, for F2 (-2.25) these are F2 (-2) and F2 (-2.5). Both halves of an Asian Handicap bet are settled according to the normal handicap rules.

For example, you bet on F2 (-1.75) in the Rubin - Barcelona match. The bet amount is divided into two halves between H2 (-1.5) and H2 (-2).

If the guests have won with a difference of three or more goals, the bet has gone completely. If Barcelona won by two goals, half of the stake is over and the other half will be refunded.

How the Asian handicap is calculated

Here are two examples of calculating a bet with an Asian handicap in the amount of RUB 1,000 each:

  1. H1 (-1.25) for the odds of 2.65 in the match Liverpool - Real: 500 rubles will go to F1 (-1), another 500 to F1 (-1.5). If the first team wins with a difference of two or more goals, the bet will go in full, and the payout will be 2650 rubles: 1000 x 2.65. If Liverpool win by one goal difference, half of the stake will lose and the other will be settled at odds of 1.00. The payment will be 500 rubles.
  2. H2 (0.75) for coefficient 1.60 in the PSG - Juventus match: 500 rubles will go to H2 (0.5), another 500 to H2 (1). In case of a victory of the away team or a draw, the bet will be fully settled, and the payment will be 1600 rubles: 1000 x 1.60. If Juventus is defeated by one goal, half of the bet will be lost, and the other will be settled with odds of 1.00. The payment will be 500 rubles.

Difference between regular and Asian handicaps

For example, in the Liverpool - Atletico Madrid match you bet 1000 rubles each on F1 (-1.25) at 2.16 odds, on F1 (-1.5) at 2.46 and on F1 (-1.75) at 2.95 odds.

The paytable for bets can look like this:

Score H1 payout (-1.25) F1 payout (-1.5) H1 payout (-1.75)
1: 0 500 0 0
2: 0 2160 2460 1975
3: 0 2160 2460 2950

Please read the calculation rules carefully before betting on the Asian handicap. When choosing a handicap between normal and Asian, consider not only the difference in odds, but also the results that are suitable for you.

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