What does return mean in sports betting: express consumption and examples for single events

What does return mean in sports betting: express consumption and examples for single events
Refunds on entry and winnings if a match is canceled? "Championship" examines the rules of spending in bookmakers.

Bookmakers can make a refund on a successful bet, and if the match is canceled, on the contrary, calculate the bet as a win. In this article, we will analyze the return in sports betting, as well as consider the reasons for the expense and examples of calculating bets in non-standard situations.

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What is sports betting refund

Refund is the calculation of a bet with odds of 1.00. Also, a refund is called an expense.

When the bet is refunded

  • Refund is provided in the outcome.
  • The match was postponed or canceled in advance.
  • The meeting was ended ahead of schedule.
  • The match was declared negotiated.
  • Bookmakers have set the wrong odds.
  • The bet was placed in an illegal bookmaker's office.

Refunds in sports betting

Refunds are possible in any sport with integer bets on handicaps or totals. Consider consumption examples:

Handicap bet refund

Let's imagine that in a football match Zenit - Lokomotiv you bet 1000 rubles on guests with a handicap (1) with a coefficient of 1.70. If Lokomotiv wins, the payout will be 1,700 rubles: 1,000 x 1.70. If Zenit wins by one goal, there will be a refund.

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Total bet expense

For example, in the hockey match Avtomobilist - Siberia, you bet 1,500 rubles on total pucks less than 4 for a coefficient of 1.93. If three goals or less are scored in regular time, you will receive 2895 rubles: 1500 x 1.93. With four pucks, the bet will be settled at odds of 1.00.

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Refund of the bet in the express

For example, you made a bet of 500 rubles on a four-event express with odds of 1.40, 1.50, 2.00 and 1.30.

The total odds will be 5.46: 1.40 x 1.50 x 2.00 x 1.30. If all four bets enter, the payout will be 2730 rubles: 500 x 5.46.

Let's imagine that three outcomes have already gone, and the last event remains - Krasnodar's victory with a handicap (1) in the match with Rostov for a coefficient of 1.30. If “Rostov” won by one goal, there will be an expense by this choice. Then the multiplier will be 4.20: 1.40 x 1.50 x 2.00 x 1.00. You will receive 2,100 rubles: 500 x 4.20.

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Reasons for early postponement or cancellation of matches

A match may be postponed or canceled before it starts in the following cases.

  • Weather conditions: rain or snow.
  • Political crisis or war: there are no guarantees of safety for the participants in the match.
  • The threat of the spread of diseases: coronavirus and other epidemics.
  • Absence of a team or athlete.
  • Host problems: poor quality of the pitch or non-compliance of the stadium with the requirements of the match organizer.

Reasons for terminating matches

The meeting may end ahead of schedule for the following reasons.

  • Fan actions: fights, racism, provocations, pyrotechnics and so on.
  • Technical difficulites.
  • Weather.
  • Player Injury in Singles Sports.
  • Player actions: massive fights, threats to the referee, refusal to continue the match, and so on.

In these cases, we will receive a refund if the outcome of the bet has not yet been determined.

Let's imagine that in a tennis match Rafael Nadal - Daniil Medvedev you made two bets: 2,000 rubles for total games over 21.5 with odds of 1.95 and 1,000 rubles for a handicap (-3) on Nadal for games for 1.80.

If the first set was taken by a Spaniard with a score of 6: 4, and the second - by a Russian with a score of 6: 3, there will be a third party. In total, 19 games have been played.

In the third set there will be at least 6 games, the choice for total games over 21.5 will play in any case. If the match is canceled for some reason, the bookmaker must pay you 3900 rubles: 2000 x 1.95.

A bet on Nadal with a handicap (-3) by games will be refunded, since the result for this choice is not determined at the time of the cancellation of the match. You will receive 1000 rubles: 1000 x 1.00.

Refund in case of a fixed match

Bookmakers can make a refund for a match that has been officially recognized as negotiable. In this case, the bet will be settled at odds of 1.00.

For example, UEFA recognized the match of the Polish championship of the 2005/2006 season “Wisla” - “Zaglembe”, which ended with a score of 0: 0. The organization found out that the guests paid the hosts € 25,000.

Wrong coefficient

The bet will be calculated as a refund if you bet at the wrong odds. This is indicated in the rules of the office.

For example, in the Champions League football match Barcelona - Napoli, several bookmakers give the home team odds of about 1.40-1.50.

In one of the offices you made a bet on Barcelona to win for 2.70. In this case, the bookmaker must make a refund, since an error with the odds is obvious.

Illegal bookmaker bets

Illegal bookmakers do not obey the laws of the Russian Federation. Under any pretext, your winning bet may be calculated as a refund. Also, illegal bookmakers can block your account or refuse to withdraw funds.

Clients of bookmakers should know what a bet return is and when it is made. Investigate all the expense situations for sporting events and only play with legal bookmakers.

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