What does Over mean in betting on football and other sports: explanation and examples of betting on total

What does Over mean in betting on football and other sports: explanation and examples of betting on total
Bets on over are in the list of all bookmakers for any kind of sports. This bet has different calculation options, as well as pros and cons.

You can bet on over on any sport. This bet has different types and calculation rules. In this article, we will analyze what over is in sports betting, give examples and discuss the pros and cons of such bets.

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What is over in betting and how bookmakers define it

The abbreviation over stands for "total over". Total - the total amount by some indicator in the match. For example, over 3.5 for goals in foooverall means that the bet will win if more than three goals are scored in the match.

The form of writing "total more" in the list of bookmakers is different. But the standard is over reduction.

In the list of the FONBET bookmaker's office, the total goals market in foooverall matches looks like this:

And in the bet coupon, the designation over is replaced by the mathematical sign "greater than":

Types of total in bookmakers

There are many options for total in bookmakers. The basic type of bets is over of goals or points in game sports: foooverall, baskeoverall, hockey, volleyball, handball, and so on.

While understanding what over means in rates, pay attention to other indicators. Total over bet can be made on the following statistics:

  • corner;
  • fouls or yellow cards;
  • games, sets;
  • aces;
  • other.

Any metrics that can be calculated in the match are suitable for the over rate.

Individual totals are also widely signed - the indicators of one of the teams or the athlete taking part in the event.

Bookmakers include over indicator in combined bets. For example, in foooverall there is a bet “W1 and total over 2.5”. This means that teams must score three or more goals for the home team to win. The bet wins if the game ends with a score of 2: 1, 3: 0, 3: 2, and so on.

// Total bets in foooverall: strategies, types of bets, features and calculation examples

Rules for calculating European and Asian total

In sports betting, the over rate is divided into two types - European and Asian.

European total is written as whole numbers or half fractions. For example, over 4, over 3.5.

Here are different options for calculating such bets using the example of the Bundesliga match Bayer - Wolfsburg. The meeting took place on May 26, 2020 and ended with a score of 1-4.

  • over 4.5 - wins, the bet wins completely, since more than four goals are scored in the match.
  • over 5 - return of the bet amount, since the total value coincided with the number of goals scored.
  • over 5.5 - a loss, the bet completely loses, since it required at least six goals to enter.

If in a bookmaker we place a bet on a match in Asian total, then the list gives quarter fractions - 0.25, 0.75. The bet amount is divided into two equal parts by the adjacent European totals.

An example of calculating the rate for over 2.25 per 1000 rubles with a coefficient of 2.00:

  1. The bet wins completely if the teams score three or more goals. In this case, the total of goals will be higher than 2 and 2.5. The payment will be 2,000 rubles, and the net profit will be 1,000 rubles.
  2. The bet is completely lost if the teams play to zero or score only one goal - less than 2 and 2.5. The money wagered is lost.
  3. If there are two goals in the game, the calculation is as follows: 500 rubles for over 2 will be refunded, and 500 rubles for over 2.5 - a loss. The net minus is 500 rubles.

Another example: we bet 1000 rubles at odds of 5.60 on over 4.75 in the aforementioned match Bayer - Wolfsburg. The calculation is carried out as follows:

  • 500 rubles for over 4.5 wins. In the first half, you get 2800 rubles: 500 x 5.60;
  • 500 rubles for over 5 - refund;
  • you will receive 3300 rubles: 2800 + 500;
  • net profit will be 2300 rubles: 3300 - 1000.

Thus, our forecast turns out to be correct and brought a good profit, even taking into account the return on half of the amount.

Total over bets in different sports

In different sports, a bet like over can be made on different indicators:

  • foooverall - goals, corners, fouls, shots on target, percentage of ball possession, yellow cards, send-offs, penalties, and so on;
  • baskeoverall - points, fouls, three-point hits, assists, rebounds, steals, block shots;
  • tennis - games, sets, aces, balls on someone else's serves;
  • volleyball - glasses, games, aces.

Pros and cons of over rates

There are a number of advantages to betting on over:

  1. A wide range of statistical indicators for bets. over in the bookmaker's list is available in many markets.
  2. The ability to search for surebets in sports with high totals. In baskeoverall and volleyball, according to the total number of points, you can find arbitration situations with different bookmakers. To do this, it is important to understand what TM is in bets. For a plug in one bookmaker we put on over, and in another - on TM.
  3. Moderate bookmaker margin on base over / TM by goals. In foooverall, bookmakers keep it at the level of 5-8% and even lower, which is quite acceptable for statistics.

But bets on "total over" have a significant drawback. Bookmakers are statistically efficient with this market. The pre-match analysis carried out by the player can have a certain effect, but in general the totals are in strict statistical framework. Therefore, it is difficult to look for value coefficients in the list of over. Taking into account the bookmaker's margin, it is almost impossible to play at a distance exclusively on over plus.

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