What does odd and even mean in bets: description and tips on the game

What does odd and even mean in bets: description and tips on the game

What is odd or even?

Understanding these outcomes is easy to understand. Odd or Even Betting applies to any statistic regardless of the sport. This indicator can mean total goals, games played, goals scored, etc.

Bookmakers offer to bet on "even" or "odd" before the start of the match or in real time. Pre-match quotes are usually equal for each of the results. Statistics show that the odds for such outcomes are close to 2.00. Bookmakers can offer to bet on an even or odd outcome with quotes 1.85, 1.90, etc. Hence, from the bookmaker's point of view, the odds are even, but professional cuppers follow different tactics based on the particular sport in order to assess which outcome is more likely to pass.

The odd bet is considered valid if the match ends with three goals scored, 9 goals, 157 points scored, etc. Only the main time is taken into account - the minutes and even seconds added by the referee are also taken into account, but extra times, penalty shootouts or shootouts are not counted.

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Odd / Even Betting in Football

Cappers consider football to be the best betting option for odd or even outcomes, since this sport is not particularly effective and it is easier to predict the total number of goals. Moreover, bettors get access to the average performance statistics, depending on the particular championship. For example, in the Premier League, an average of 2.5-2.8 goals are scored per match. This is high performance. But in Serie A, the average goal scored per game fluctuates in the range of 0.95-1.6 goals per game.

Professional players choose two outcomes in order to cover an unsuccessful bet in case of a loss. For example, the "even" total is combined with the total of goals over 2.5. The odds for TB 2.5 must be greater than 2. For example, a player is going to bet $ 40 on a match between Barcelona and Alaves. The game promises to have a lot of goals scored, so the capper bets $ 20 on the even total with odds of 1.90, and the remaining $ 20 on the total goals over 2.5. If three or more goals are scored, but the final score is odd, the capper will still be in positive territory.

In addition to the total total of goals, you can choose an individual total or the number of goals scored in the first and second half.

In football betting, it is effective to combine the chosen strategy with the xG index, which determines the expected number of goals. There are discrepancies when comparing the final results and the xG scores, but the final results, including the even or odd total, often coincide.

Odd / Even Betting in Tennis

In tennis, strategy is also popular, with players having several possible outcomes to choose from. For example, you can choose an even or odd total of games at the end of a match, at the end of a specific set, and an individual total of games for one player is also offered.

Predicting the result in tennis is even easier than in football. When a tennis player wins six games, he wins the set (except in situations where the lead is only one point). The capper calculates all possible outcomes of the game or the fight as a whole. It is recommended to bet on an odd total of games in one set if there are equal opponents, and with a high degree of probability the end of the game will go into a tie-break, ending with a score of 7: 6 in favor of one of the tennis players. If one of the players significantly surpasses the opponent, it is worth betting on an even individual total - the victory will be won in two or three sets (depending on the tournament), and the total of games will be 12 or 18.

Odd / Even Betting in Basketball

In basketball, predicting the total number of points scored is the most difficult thing, so bookmakers offer equal odds for even and odd outcomes, even if the opponents are equal in strength. Experts recommend using the catch-up strategy in order to still win in the end. You will need to place bets on each separate quarter.

Based on the statistics, you can see that only one match out of 10 will end with the same outcome for all quarters (all even or all odd). In other cases, there are differences. The capper must decide on one outcome without changing the bet throughout the whole match. The algorithm is quite simple:

  • You bet on the odd value of the points in the first quarter, determine the size of the bet with a large margin - for example, 5% of the bankroll. Let's say you bet $ 10 at odds of 1.90. The bet failed.
  • In the second quarter, you will need to place a large bet (2 - 2.2 times more) on the same outcome. If it doesn’t pass, bet again on “odd” on the third quarter with an increased size, and so on.
  • But if even in the first quarter your bet has passed, the professional capper stops there, choosing another game and repeating the algorithm. Excitement hurts bettors a lot.

Odd / even bets in ice hockey

In hockey, there is a slightly different logic for betting on "even" or "odd". Cappers prefer to play long distances as there is a 50% chance of passing a bet in this sport. Experts recommend betting on an even number of goals scored at the end of the game in the following cases:

  • The quotes for the victory of each of the opponents are in the range from 2.25 to 2.75.
  • In the confrontations of the chosen pair, a draw is often fixed. In addition, analysts recommend choosing a line of 9-10 events, where it will be enough for the capper to guess 5-6 events in order not to go negative.

Odd-Even Betting Strategy Recommendations

Among the main recommendations applicable to the strategy of betting on even and odd outcomes are the following:

  • Don't bet high to avoid losing your bankroll. Divide the total by 10-15 bets, depending on the chosen tactics.
  • Watch for a series of specific commands. For example, if a club played a streak of five matches with an even goal score, bet on “odd”.
  • To make dogon, use the services of physical bookmaker offices, otherwise there is a risk of colliding with the limit set by the online bookmaker.
  • Don't be guided by emotion or intuition. Cold calculation is important in the betting game - follow the chosen method under all circumstances.

Advantages and disadvantages of odd and even betting

Key benefits of the strategy include:

  1. Odd and even bets are suitable for both beginners and professional players.
  2. You can place a bet on any event, regardless of the sport.
  3. There is no need for in-depth meeting analytics. It is enough to view the latest results of the opponents, calculate the total number of goals scored and conceded, washers, points, etc.

The main disadvantages of the strategy are:

  1. Luck is given too much importance in predicting such outcomes.
  2. The psychology of the bettor can subconsciously keep the capper from the next bet if he loses.


The strategy of betting on even or odd results is interesting, and in many confrontations the odds for each of the two outcomes are unequal, which contradicts the bookmaker's prediction. Therefore, with the right planning and analytics, a capper can make a strategy a permanent income.

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