What does individual total mean in sports betting: designation, strategy and how to apply

What does individual total mean in sports betting: designation, strategy and how to apply
If you are in doubt about the outcome of a match, study the individual total, what it is and when it is profitable to bet on it.

Individual total in sports betting is used if there is no certainty about the result of the match. But there are other factors to consider. In this article, we will analyze what an individual total means, its types, examples in football, tennis, hockey and basketball, as well as when to place this bet.

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What is individual total in sports betting

Individual total is a bet on the number of actions of a team or a player: the number of goals, points, washers, fouls, corners, yellow cards, sets, games, and so on.

You bet over or under a certain number:

  • ITBNo (х) - bet on individual total over
  • ITM№ (х) - individual total bet is less, where № - team number, х - a given number.

Examples of bet designation in football and hockey:

  • ITB1 (1.5) on goals - the hosts will score more than one goal into the opponent's goal.
  • ITB2 (3.5) on goals - the guests will score at least four goals.
  • ITM1 (2.5) on yellow cards - the hosts will receive no more than two warnings.
  • ITM2 (20.5) on shots on target - guests will score less than 21 shots on target.

Individual total betting: types and examples of calculation

There are two types of individual totals:

  • Half. There can be no return in it.
  • Whole. This type of bet has a refund.

Let's consider examples of bets on individual total in football and basketball.

  1. You bet 1000 rubles on an individual total of 1 over 2.5 goals in the match Examples Barcelona - Valencia at a coefficient of 1.80. If Lionel Messi and company score at least three goals, the bet wins, the payout will be 1800 rubles: 1000 x 1.80.
  2. In the NBA Los Angeles Lakers - Memphis Grizzlies meeting, you bet 2,000 rubles on the first team's individual total under 99.5 points for 2.15. If the hosts with LeBron James score 99 points or less, the bet has entered, you will receive 4300 rubles: 1000 x 2.15.

At the expense of the whole total, you can increase the odds or insure the bet.

For example, you think that Atletico Madrid will not concede more goals from Real Madrid in Example. You can take ITM2 (1.5) for 1.40, but for 1.85 there is a bet on ITM2 (1).

A bet on ITM2 (1.5) is safer, but on ITM2 (1) the coefficient is higher. If Real Madrid do not score, any of the options will go. If Atlético concedes exactly a goal, the first choice will lose, and the second will be returned.

Let's say that in an NHL match between the Washington Capitals and the Ottawa Senators, you want to take ITB1 (3.5) for 1.80. But we decided to play it safe and bet on ITB1 (3) for 1.45.

If the hosts score exactly three goals, the first choice will not go, and on the second, the bet will return. With four or more goals, Washington will play both options.

Also in bets on individual total there is an even / odd market. Read more about odd / even betting here: Odd / Even Sports Betting Strategy: Examples of Football, Hockey and Basketball Schemes

Individual total in tennis, football, hockey and basketball

Tennis is the second most popular and largest betting sport after football. Tennis accounted for about 25% of the betting volume in 2019. In live, they bet almost twice as much as in the prematch.

In the market of individual total, games are played, where the classic frontier is IT 12.5.

For example, Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros 12 times. In other clay tournaments, bet on Individual Total 1 under 12.5 games. The odds for such an outcome will be more than for the Spaniard's clear victory. The bet will come in if Raphael's opponents win no more than five games in each set - 6: 4, 6: 4.

The main markets for betting on individual total in team sports:

● Football: goals by a team or a player, shots on goal / on target, corners, yellow cards.

● Hockey: team or player's pucks, shots, send-offs.

● Basketball: team or player points, three-point hits, free throws, rebounds, assists, steals, block shots.

You can bet on the whole match or on the game segment: half in football, period in hockey, quarter in basketball.

When to bet on the individual total of a team and a player in football: examples

Let's imagine that in the first match of the playoffs, the favorite lost away with a score of 0: 2. In the return match, the hosts will try to recoup, so bet on ITB1 (1.5). The bet will win if the home teams score more than one goal. A bet on the total total of more than 2.5 may also enter, since the owners will take risks.

If you think that the favorite will not cope with the opponent's defense, take ITM1 (1.5) or ITM1 (2).

Another example: in the RPL Zenit will play with Wings of the Soviets, and Artyom Dzyuba is fighting for the title of the best scorer. Dziuba has scored six goals for Wings of the Soviets in their last six games. Bet on Artyom's individual total over 0.5.

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What is important for betting on individual total

Consider the following when choosing an individual total bet.

  • Team style. For example, in the 2019/2020 season, Atalanta scored 70 goals in 25 Serie A matches. ITB is profitable for Atalanta. Zenit conceded only one goal in the first half in 22 RPL rounds. A bet on ITM (0.5) of an opponent of St. Petersburg in the first half played 21 times in 22 meetings.
  • Tournament motivation. For example, in the RPL the last round, and the champion is already known. And he will play at home with a team that is struggling to survive. Bet on ITB2 (0.5) or ITB2 (1). The home coach can release the reservists.
  • Compositions. If one of the sides has lost due to injuries or disqualification of the main goalkeeper and defender, take the opponent's ITB.
  • Weather. It is easier to defend on sticky turf, which is why teams from lower divisions often defeat major league rivals in National Cups.
  • Additional terms. For example, in Bolivia, the stadium is located at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level. In 2009, the Argentine national team under the leadership of Diego Maradona lost in La Paz with a score of 1: 6 to the weakest team on the continent.

Any bet requires at least two arguments, as well as a suitable difference between goals scored and conceded.

Before betting on an individual total, analyze the last meetings of the teams, the statistics of opponents and individual players. Read the latest news, highlight trends, and gauge your chances of success.

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