What does handicap mean in football betting: examples of calculating the Asian and European handicap

What does handicap mean in football betting: examples of calculating the Asian and European handicap
We explain why you should bet on Asian and European handicaps, how to count them and what can be substituted.

Handicap in sports betting allows you to increase the odds for a favorite or hedge an outsider. But there are so many betting options that you can get confused. In this article, we will analyze what a handicap is in sports betting, as well as consider examples of calculating bets on Asian and European handicaps.

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What is a handicap in sports betting

A handicap is a number that is added to the result of a team or athlete at a specified interval. For example, goals, washers, points, games, yellow cards, corners, sets, fouls, and so on. Handicap is also called handicap.

Sports betting has the usual handicap as well as European and Asian handicaps.

A common handicap in sports betting

The usual handicap is denoted by the letter "F", the number of the side and an integer or decimal fraction in brackets. The handicap can be positive or negative. For example, H1 (2.5), H2 (-1.5), H1 (0) and so on.

A normal whole number handicap has a return if the final score is a draw after the handicap has been added.

With a fractional handicap value, the bet enters or loses. No return possible.

H1 (0) - means that the first team should not lose. If she wins, the bet will win, and if she wins, there will be a refund.

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Asian handicap in sports betting

The Asian handicap is denoted in the same way as the usual handicap, but in the form of a decimal fraction with the number 25 or 75 after the dot. For example, H1 (2.25), H2 (-1.75), H1 (0.25) and so on.

The Asian handicap bet is divided in half between adjacent regular handicaps. For example, if you bet 1000 rubles on H1 (-2.75), 500 rubles will go to H1 (-2.5), and another 500 rubles will go to H1 (-3).

How to calculate your Asian handicap

Let's consider two examples of calculating bets on the Asian handicap of 1000 rubles each:

  1. H2 (-1.25) in the football match Milan - Juventus for a coefficient of 2.80: 500 rubles will go to H2 (-1) and 500 rubles to H2 (-1.5). If the guests won with a difference in the score of two goals or more, both bets entered, the payment will be 2800 rubles: 1000 x 2.80. If Juventus won by one goal difference, the first half of the bet will be returned, and the second lost. You will receive 500 rubles: 500 x 1.00.
  2. H1 (0.25) in the football match Getafe - Barcelona for a coefficient of 2.50: 500 rubles will go to H1 (0) and 500 rubles to H1 (0.5). If the home team wins, both bets are played, you will receive 2500 rubles: 1000 x 2.50. If there is a draw in the first half, there will be a return, and in the second call. The payment will be 1,750 rubles: 500 x 1.00 + 500 x 2.50.
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European handicap in sports betting

European Handicap - A bet on the outcome when the correct score is added. Has no refunds, since a bet on a draw is possible. For example, P1 (2: 0), P2 (1: 0), X (0: 3) and so on.

How to calculate the European handicap

Let's consider three examples of calculating rates on the European handicap of 2,000 rubles each:

  1. W1 (0: 1) in the match Bayern - RB Leipzig at odds of 2.20. If the home team wins with a difference of two goals or more, the payment will be 4400 rubles: 2000 x 2.20.
  2. W2 (0: 2) in the football match "Zenit" - "Rostov" for a coefficient of 1.70. If the guests lost by one goal, drew or won, you will receive 1,700 rubles: 1,000 x 1.70.
  3. X (0: 1) in a football match PSG - AS Monaco for a coefficient of 4.50. If PSG wins with a difference of one goal, the payout will be 4500 rubles: 1000 x 4.50.
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Difference Between European and Asian Handicap in Football Betting

For example, in the match "Valencia" - "Atalanta" you bet 1000 rubles each on H2 (-1.25) at the odds of 3.70, on W2 (1: 0) at 4.54 and on H2 (-1.75) at 5.15.

The paytable for each handicap is as follows:

Score Away (-1.25) W2 (1: 0) Away (-1.75)
0: 1 500 0 0
0: 2 3700 4540 3075
0: 3 3700 4540 5150

What bets to replace the European and Asian handicap

The Asian handicap can be substituted with adjacent regular handicaps. For example, instead of Away (2.25),

bet half of the amount on Away (2), and the other half on Away (2.5). The bet on winning the European handicap can be replaced with a regular handicap. For example, P1 (2: 0) = H1 (1.5), and P2 (3: 0) = H2 (-3.5).

The European Handicap draw bet may be substituted for the advantage of one team with the exact goal difference. For example, X (0: 1) = home win by one goal.

Remember what a handicap is in football and other sports. Using the European and Asian handicap, you can bet on the favorite with a better odds or insure when choosing an outsider.

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