What does "even" mean in betting: what is it, examples and strategies for football

What does "even" mean in betting: what is it, examples and strategies for football
The bet on "even" total in some markets enters more often than "odd". We answer the questions "when" and "why".

Even in sports betting is similar to the red / black game in roulette, but there is a big difference. This choice comes in more than 50% of the time. Below we will analyze what a bet on total "even" is, examples of calculation, why it comes in more often than total "odd" and a couple of strategies.

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What does "even" mean in bets?

An “even” total bet is a bet on an even number of actions based on one of the indicators: goals in football, games in tennis, pucks in hockey, and so on.

A bet on “even” total will win if the number of selected actions is divided in half without a remainder. The score 0: 0 and the number 0 are also considered even.

An example of a bet on "even" total

Let's analyze the calculation of the "even" bet on the example of football matches.

Let's take the Russian Cup match "Spartak" - CSKA of the 2019/2020 season and place a bet on an even total with odds of 1.90 in the amount of 1000 rubles. In regulation time, the match ended with a score of 2: 2.

An even number of goals have been scored in the match. Thus, the bet is played, and you will receive a profit of 900 rubles: 1000 x 1.90 - 1000.

Another example of a bet on a match of the same teams, but already in the sixth round of the RPL of the same season. The bet on the even total did not go in that fight, since the meeting ended with a score of 2: 1. That is, the game had an odd number of goals.

Features of bets on "even"

In any case, the total in the match will be either even or odd. But the mathematical probability that there will be an even number of goals in a match is not always 50%.

The higher the total suggested by the bookmakers, the closer the odd / even odds.

For example, in the Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors basketball game, bookmakers can give 1.90 in both directions in the even / odd market.

If analysts expect less than three goals in a football match, the odds for the “even” will be below 1.90. Zero or two goals are more likely than exactly one goal.

In some markets, they give high odds from 2.00 to the odd total.

In hockey, "even" is any draw in regulation time, as well as a victory with an advantage of an even number of pucks. If one of the teams concedes by one goal in the last minutes, it will remove the goalkeeper. Then the chances for one of the options increase: to recoup or concede in two goals.

In volleyball, "even" in a single set is also more likely than "odd". The game is played up to 25 points, but at 23:23 - up to two points difference.

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Odd / Even Betting Strategies

One of the strategies of the game is to bet on an even total in the half with a catch-up. We bet on "even" in the first half. If the choice fails, take an even total in the second half. Moreover, the amount of the bet should be such that losses from previously lost bets are compensated.

To do this, calculate the size of each next bet using the formula :

Amount of bet = (amount of the first bet + amount of losses) / (odds - 1) .

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Another variant of the strategy of betting on “even” in football is a bet on an even number of goals of an outsider in a match against a favorite.

Choose a meeting in which one of the teams, on average, scores no more than one goal per match. The favorite is playing against her, conceding fewer goals per game in the current season.

Bet on the underdog's even individual total. The bet will win if the favorite does not concede or receives an even number of balls into his goal.

Choosing even is not the same as playing red / black on roulette. The odds of this bet being passed may be higher than 50%, but the bookmakers will give odds below 1.90.

In the even / odd market, the margin is higher than in a bet on a regular total or on the main outcome. It is almost impossible to go in positive territory over a long distance.

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