What does double outcome mean in bets: how to bet 1X, 12 and X2 on football according to strategy

What does double outcome mean in bets: how to bet 1X, 12 and X2 on football according to strategy
By betting on a double outcome, you can make a profit if either team wins. "Championship" understands the rules and gives examples.

A double outcome in bets allows you to make a profit with two different outcomes of the event. You can bet against one team or both. In this article, we will analyze what a double outcome is, consider examples of calculation and strategies for betting on football.

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What is a double outcome

Double outcome is a single bet that wins if there are two main outcomes out of three possible. Also, a double outcome is called a double chance.

There is a double outcome in bets only in those sports where a draw is possible in regular time. For example, in football, basketball, hockey and handball.

If a draw is impossible during regular time, then the bookmakers accept bets only on the victory of one of the teams or an athlete. For example, tennis and volleyball.

Types of bets on a double outcome

There are three options for double chance betting:

  • 1X - the first team wins or a draw.
  • X2 - victory of the second team or a draw.
  • 12 - victory of the first or second team.

How double outcome bets are settled

Calculate the possible payout from bets on a double outcome using the formula :

S x K , where S is the bet amount, K is the odds.

The higher the odds on the main outcomes individually, the higher the odds on the double outcome.

The margin in bets on double outcomes for most bookmakers is the same as for the main outcomes individually.

Examples of calculating bets on a double outcome

Let's look at three examples of betting on a double outcome:

  • You bet 3000 rubles on 1X in a football match between Ajax and Bayern at 1.70 odds. In case of a draw or a win for the home team, the payout will be 5100 rubles: 3000 x 1.70.
  • You bet 2000 rubles on X2 in a hockey match "Spartak" - "Avangard" for a coefficient of 1.90. In case of a draw in regulation time or a victory of the guests, the payment will be 3800 rubles: 2000 x 1.90.
  • You bet 100,000 rubles on 12 in a basketball match between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers at odds of 1.01. If one of the teams wins in regular time, the payout will be: 101,000 rubles: 100,000 x 1.01.

Double Chance Football Betting Strategies

Bet on double chance in football in the following cases:

  • Big bet on the favorite. If you want to make a big bet on the favorite, but are not sure of winning, then take a double chance.
  • Outsider insurance. Double chance for an obvious outsider and a draw will go for odds higher than 2.00. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with line-up, motivation, or relationships within the team.
  • Games against a draw. Bet 12 in a match between teams, each of which is only satisfied with the victory.
  • Double chance live. Before the second half of the match of the attacking opponents, take a double chance of a draw and the inferior team if the difference in the score is one goal.

Double betting increases your chances of winning but decreases your payout. You can bet on a double outcome in live and in prematch, using the basic strategies of the Championship.

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