What does a strong-willed victory in football mean and how to choose a bet

What does a strong-willed victory in football mean and how to choose a bet

The latter are often preferred by professional cappers with extensive experience in betting. This category includes bets on a strong-willed victory in football. This outcome can be predicted if you have a deep understanding of football in general, and a specific team in particular.

What does strong-willed victory mean?

If you analyze the majority of bets on football matches, then the final result or statistics are taken into account. Applied to a strong-willed victory, the outcome has only an indirect meaning - attention should be paid to the course of the match.

A strong-willed victory is understood as the final win of the team that was inferior in score in a certain segment of the fight. Not only the first goal scored is taken into account, which is extremely important from the point of view of understanding the term. Let's consider a similar outcome with examples.

Rome's Lazio meet with Inter Milan and the Milanese are seen as favorites. However, the first goal is scored by the players of the Roman club. Further, the course of the game is not of fundamental importance, you need to look at the result. If “Inter” managed to win back and win in such a meeting, then the victory is considered strong-willed.

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To understand the difference, consider another option. Barcelona play against Villarreal. The Catalans started the meeting confidently and signed at the opponent's goal, but Villarreal quickly recovered from a bad start, and even before the break they hit Barcelona's goal twice, coming out ahead. In the second half, the Catalans brought matters to a victorious result. Such a victory is also considered strong-willed, since at a certain segment of the match the score was in favor of the opponent.

In commentary and journalistic terminology, strong-willed victories appear under the name "comeback".

How to bet on a strong-willed victory?

Strong-willed victories in football are rare, but odds range from 5.00 to 20.00. You can bet on a strong-willed victory both before the match and in live - experts advise considering live, and the capper must monitor the game on his own, see the balance of power on the field. Live odds are an order of magnitude higher than pre-match quotes.

In betting on a strong-willed victory, experts recommend taking into account the following tips:

  1. Analyze the statistics of the team that is the favorite in most matches. These include giants like Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, etc. Evaluate how often a team wins a strong-willed victory. For example, “Barcelona” won 3 strong-willed victories in the season, in 4 matches the Catalan footballers were defeated and in three they brought the game to a draw, losing during the meeting. If Barcelona concede first, you can bet on a strong-willed victory.
  2. Do not base your strategy on strong wins, as such outcomes are rare. For example, “Real Madrid” won only one strong-willed victory during the season.
  3. Pay attention to the match status and the favorite's motivation. For example, “Liverpool” issued the long-awaited championship in the Premier League, after which the “Liverpool” defeated “Manchester City”. Leaders often relax in these situations. On the other hand, this does not apply to derby when the opponent is principled. Barcelona and Real Madrid will fight to win, even if it decides nothing.
  4. The tournament matters. Strong-willed victories are an order of magnitude more common in the Champions League or Europa League than in the regular championships.
  5. Statistics show that strong-willed victories are more often won in front of native tribunes.
  6. Follow the news. If the favorite team is injured by the main goalkeeper or key defender, it will be easier for the opponent to open the score.
  7. Place your bets in real time, as it is extremely difficult to predict its development before the game. By betting "at random", there is a high risk of losing the deposit.

In addition, bookmakers offer to bet not only on a strong-willed victory, but also against such an outcome. For example, in the line of outcomes for the match between Barcelona and Napoli, the player at the rates finds options for the strong-willed victory of the hosts: “Yes” with quotes 8.60 and “No” with odds 1.068. Similar outcomes are offered for guests as well.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of betting on a strong-willed victory include:

  • High odds. The favorites are usually offered low quotes for the victories (1.1 - 1.4), and in case of a missed goal, they exceed 2.0. If we are talking about the end of the match, then the odds for a comeback can go up to 20.0.
  • The winning team wins a strong-willed victory, if it lost in the score at any segment of the match, it is not necessary to take into account only the first goal scored.
  • Guessing a strong-willed victory increases the skills and self-esteem of the capper.

The disadvantages of betting on this outcome include:

  • Strong-willed victories do not happen often, so it is difficult to predict them, both before the match and during the meeting.
  • It is not recommended for beginners to bet on such outcomes. Experienced cappers who monitor a specific team and its statistics can assess the chances of a strong-willed victory.

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