What does a chain bet mean in bookmakers: rule, examples and the essence of the strategy

What does a chain bet mean in bookmakers: rule, examples and the essence of the strategy
The main thing for the chain is not to reset to zero. This bet can be profitable even with multiple failures.

The chain has common features with the express and the system, and has advantages in comparison with these rates. In this article, we will analyze what a chain is, its features, calculation examples and the essence of this bet.

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What is a chain in sports betting

A chain is a combination of ordinaries, all events of which are not related to each other. The player himself determines the order of events in the chain and must deposit the amount of only the first bet.

The chain type bet is something in between the system and the express.

The accumulator has more profit when all elections are entered, but this bet will lose in case of one failure.

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In the system, the bet amount is divided into parts, so the profit may be less than in the chain.

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Chain features

  • The events in the chain are not counted in chronological order, but according to a given choice.
  • The player bets on live and prematch without market restrictions.
  • The bet amount for each single is 100% of the chain bank, but not more than the first bet.
  • The next single is calculated on the account balance if the chain of funds in the bank is less than the amount of the original bet.
  • The bank of the chain is calculated after each single.
  • The entire chain will lose if the chain bank is zero after one of the single bets.

How is the chain type bet calculated?

Unlike an express or a system, the chain is not limited by a strict number of winning events. It is enough that the first bet does not lose and the balance of the chain does not go down to zero.

Consider three chain examples:

Example # 1

Played all events:

Event no. Coefficient Bet amount Result Bank size
one 1.50 1000 Winnings 1500
2 1.70 1000 Winnings 2200
3 1.80 1000 Winnings 3000
four 1.90 1000 Winnings 3900

Thus, the payment amount will be 3900 rubles.

Example No. 2

The first, third and fourth events were played:

Event no. Coefficient Bet amount Result Bank size
one 1.45 500 Winnings 725
2 2.50 500 Losing 225
3 1.60 225 Winnings 360
four 2.00 360 Winnings 720

In this situation, the payment will be 720 rubles.

Example No. 3

The first choice is the return, the second and fourth events have played. and the third bet did not enter:

Event no. Coefficient Bet amount Result Bank size
one 1.70 2000 Return 2000
2 1.85 2000 Winnings 3700
3 2.60 2000 Losing 1700
four 2.80 1700 Winnings 4760

The account will remain in the amount of 4760 rubles.

The essence of the chain betting strategy

The first bet should be the safest in your opinion. The chain is completely lost if its bank reaches zero, so put the most risky choices at the end.

You can add one event to the coupon with odds higher than 5.00 on the last place in the chain.
In case of failure, you will only lose the amount of the first bet. But the chain is not profitable from a distance, since you do not manage the amounts.

If you prefer single bets, then choose the amount for each event according to your strategy, and place your bet only after a thorough analysis of all available information.

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