What does a bet on Asian total over 1.75 mean: how to understand and when it is profitable to bet

What does a bet on Asian total over 1.75 mean: how to understand and when it is profitable to bet

Asian total over 1.75

Asian total over 1.75 can be more profitable than 1.5 over and 2. over Let's analyze the features of this rate.

An Asian total over 1.75 can be more profitable than 1.5 over and 2. Learn when and how to use it profitably. In this article we will look at the concept of Asian total, bet examples and compare it with over 1.5 and over 2.

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What is Asian Total in Sports Betting

Total - the number of goals, points, games and other indicators. You bet on more or less than the selected value.

There are two types of totals: regular and European.

The usual total is written in whole number or half decimal fraction. For example, over 3.5, under 4, over 18, under 7.5 and so on.

When you bet on a regular fractional total, you may lose or enter.

When betting on a regular whole total, there are three options: defeat, win and return.

Asian total is written as a quarter decimal. For example, over 2.75, under 3.25, over 0.25, under 4.75 and so on.

The bet amount on the Asian total is divided into two equal parts between adjacent regular totals.

For example, in the match Bayern - PSG with odds of 1.40, you bet 1000 euro on the Asian total under 3.25 goals. The stake is divided in half: 500 euro for under 3 and 500 euro for under 3.5. There are three options.

  • If two goals or less are scored in the match, both parts of the bet will be played. The payment will be 1400 euro: 1000 x 1.40.
  • With exactly three goals, under 3.5 will play, and for under 3 there will be a return. You will receive 1200 euro: 500 x 1.40 + 500 x 1.00.
  • If four or more goals are scored, there will be a complete loss.

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Bet on Asian total over 1.75: example and comparison with regular total

When you bet on the total over 1.75, there are also three calculation options.

  • Total win: when three or more goals are scored. For example, when the score is 3-0, 5-1, 2-3, 1-2 and so on.
  • Partial Win: Exactly two goals will be scored in the match. For over 1.5 there will be an entry, and for over 2 there will be a return. With the score: 1-1, 2-0 and 0-2.
  • Losing: if one goal is scored in the meeting or goals are dispensed with. When the score is 1: 0, 0: 1 and 0: 0.

Imagine that in the match of the League of Nations Russia - Serbia, you bet 1000 euro each on three choices:

  • over 1.5 for a factor of 1.42.
  • over 1.75 for 1.55.
  • over 2 for 1.73.

Consider the dependence of the payout on the number of goals for each bet:

How many goals Payment for over 1.5 Payment for over 1.75 Payment for over 2
1 or less 0 0 0
2 1420 1275 1000
3 or more 1420 1550 1730

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When is it profitable to bet on Asian total over 1.75

  1. You are expecting a successful match, but you are not sure if the teams will score three or more goals. When betting on a large amount, the main thing is reliability. Choosing between over 2 and over 1.75, you can take the second option, since with exactly two balls you will make a profit.
  2. You are inclined to believe that there will be at least three goals in the meeting, but you do not want to risk it. over 1.5 will make a profit even with two balls, but with a more productive outcome, over 1.75 will be more profitable.

Pros and cons of betting on Asian total versus regular


  • the ability to hedge or increase the coefficient.


  • presented only on the foooverall and hockey goals market.

Asian total over 1.75 can be more profitable than 1.5 over or 2 over. With this bet you also save your time: you don't have to split the amount into two parts and bet on adjacent regular totals. The bookmaker does it for you.

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