What does a bet on Asian total mean in football and other sports? Calculation examples

What does a bet on Asian total mean in football and other sports? Calculation examples
If you know what Asian total means, you are one step closer to being an experienced player. Understanding the nuances of betting on Asian total.

In this article we will analyze what Asian total means, how the bookmaker calculates Asian total bets and why they should be bet.

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What is total betting

Total is bets on the number of effective actions: goals in football, goals scored in hockey, points in basketball and volleyball.

They place bets on the total over and under. In the first case, you bet on exceeding the selected value, in the second - on the fact that this bar is not reached. For example, for goals in football, the average bar is 2.5 goals.

Bookmakers accept bets on total total in the match, total in halves, periods and quarters, individual total of teams and players.

What is Asian total betting?

Asian total allows you to make the most accurate bet when no other total is suitable. It consists of two closest total options, between which the bet amount is divided.

In a broader sense, the Asian total is one that brings a return on the bet when the values ​​of the total and the number of goals are equal.

What happens and how the Asian total is calculated

The first characteristic of the Asian total for football and any other sport is the opportunity to get a refund.

Let's look at the example of calculating bets on the Asian total. Let's take a Champions League match: Shinnik - Chelsea. It seems to you that two or more goals will be scored in the match. You bet Asian total - TB2.

If less than two goals are scored in the match, your bet will lose. If three or more goals are scored in the match, you will win. So far, everything is the same as with the TB rate of 2.5 goals. But what happens if exactly two goals are scored: 2: 0, 0: 2 or 1: 1? It is in this case that your bet will be returned to you. But only if you bet on TB 2 and not on TB 2.5 goals.

Final invoice TB 2.5 goals TB 2 goals
1: 0 losing losing
2: 0 losing return
2: 1 gain gain

The second feature of betting on Asian total is double or fractional totals. If you find the bet on TB 2.5 too daring, and TB 2 too modest, then the Asian total of TB 2.25 goals is suitable for you.

A bet on such a total is calculated as follows. Let's say you bet 1000 rubles on total over 2.5 goals. Your rate is conventionally divided in two: 500 rubles will go to TB 2 and another 500 rubles will go to total TB 2.5. And the bookmaker will calculate these two halves as usual.

The Asian total in the express is calculated in the same way as in the single.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Asian Total

There is only one drawback - the difficulty of calculating the Asian total for beginners.

There are more advantages:

  • a wide range of bet options,
  • the ability to insure in case of uncertainty about the outcome,
  • refund in case of a draw, taking into account the total.

Therefore, every player of the bookmaker should master the bets on the Asian total.

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