What are X2, 12 and 1X bets in football: double chance strategies

What are X2, 12 and 1X bets in football: double chance strategies
The mysterious X2 baffles new bettors at bookmakers. Let's see how this rate is calculated.

In football betting in the vicinity of the 1X2 market, there is usually a threefold, which consists of three options: 1X, 12 and X2. This market is known as double chance or double outcome. Let's take a look at examples of how this market is calculated in case of a draw, victory of the first and second teams, what bets on X2, 1X and 12 mean in football, what are their pros and cons.

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What are double chance bets?

Bets on X2, 12 and 1X have one thing in common - each of them brings winnings on two of the three possible outcomes of the match. Hence the name double chance. Now about how each of them is specifically calculated:

  • X2 is a bet on the second team to win or a draw. Accordingly, to win, you need a victory of the guests or a draw, but the triumph of the hosts means that the bet is lost.
  • 12 is a bet on the victory of the first or second team. Only in the case of a draw at such a rate, you will be defeated.
  • 1X is a bet on the first team to win or a draw. In this case, the victory of the hosts or a draw will bring you money, and the success of the guests will mean the loss of the amount that you are risking.

Examples of bets X2, 12 and 1X

You bet X2 in the Spartak - Zenit match. For example, it seems to you that Spartak are weak now, although they are playing at home. At the same time, you are not sure that the Petersburgers will be able to win. Therefore, you are acting carefully: bet on the fact that there will be either a victory for the guests or a draw.

Zenit wins with any score - and you are in the kings. A draw has happened - you are also counting money. But if Spartak wins, goodbye to the bet.

Where to place bets in the double outcome market?

This type of sports betting is most often played in football. You can bet X2, 12 and 1X in hockey, handball and other team sports, where the result of the match is a draw in regulation time. But if today almost all bookmaker companies offer a double chance for football, it is not common in other sports.

Sports betting strategies for X2, 12 and 1X

A double outcome is bet if you find an underestimated outsider or if you want to put a sure bet on the favorite:

  1. Bookmakers put guests as favorites with a coefficient of 1.85. You agree with the opinion of the bookmakers, but want to insure your choice - you think that if the second team does not win, then at least it will play a draw. Therefore, you are betting not just on the victory of the away team, but on the fact that the second team will not lose. In this case, the x2 variant is suitable for a bet with a larger stack or for a multiplier.
  2. The guests are a typical underdog. You think the home team is overvalued, and the X2 bet at 2.00 odds seems to you an excellent option, while a clear victory for the guests is risky. To win, you need the teams to draw. A competent search for matches where the X2 bet is underestimated will allow you to be in a good advantage over the distance

What are the alternatives to X2 and 1X bets?

A complete analogue of such outcomes is a +0.5 handicap on the home team and on the guests, respectively, which is also considered to be the winner in case of a draw - because the team you bet on is assigned a conditional half-goal advantage. Due to the difference in margin, the X2 bet and the +0.5 handicap may have slightly different odds in the same bookmaker.

A bet like the handicap (0) is not a substitute for a double chance. The odds on it are higher because it provides a return on a tie, but will only win if the second team wins.

Advantages of betting X2, 12 and 1X

The benefits of double outcomes are obvious:

  • two outcomes of the match will be winning for the player
  • high odds when betting on the underdog the ability to hedge live in case of an unsuccessful game
  • almost all bookmakers have a double chance

Disadvantages of X2, 12 and 1X bets

But not everything is so rosy for fans of double outcomes. It is necessary to remember about such features of these rates as:

  • the odds for a double outcome when betting on a favorite is extremely small
  • it is impossible to insure a bet on a double outcome in favor of the favorite in live if the underdog plays better

Thus, double chance bets in bookmakers are a great way of insuring the main outcome, for "catching value" when betting on the underdog. Analyze the double chance odds offered by the bookmaker and correlate them with the handicap +0.5 - choose the highest odds. Together with the competent management of the game bank, this will allow you to expand the arsenal of your strategies.