Volleyball betting tactics: an example of live strategies and a win-win theory

Volleyball betting tactics: an example of live strategies and a win-win theory
Players use different volleyball betting strategies, but there is only one win-win. "Championship" analyzes the dogon, middles and forks.

In volleyball, you can bet with odds from 2.40. In this article, we will analyze the features of volleyball, as well as five strategies for betting in live and prematch, including one win-win.

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Features of volleyball betting

Consider the following features of volleyball when choosing a bet:

  • The set continues until one of the teams scores 25 points.
  • The fifth set continues until one of the teams scores 15 points.
  • The set is played up to two points difference when the score is 24:24 or 14:14 in the fifth set.
  • The team serves in the next rally if it took the previous one.
  • The receiving team is more likely to win the next point, according to statistics.

What is a sports betting strategy

Strategy is the rules and principles used by bettors.

Live strategy is a real-time betting strategy.

Volleyball betting strategy according to the catch-up principle

Catching up is a strategy in which after each loss you increase the next bet or odds so that you get a profit on the first run.

To get profit on the first bet, use the formula:

(bet amount) = (first bet amount + lost bets amount) / (odds - 1)

Let's consider two strategies for betting on volleyball in live catch-up:

1. Strategy for betting on volleyball for total

During the game, when the score is 23:23, bet on the total of less than 48.5 points in the set. The coefficient will be around 2.40.

If the score becomes 24:24, bet on the total of less than 50.5 points in the set. Continue betting until the first run.

For example, your bank is 30,000 rubles and you want to make a profit of 600 rubles. The results might look like this:

Bet size Coefficient Exodus Bank amount
600 2.40 Losing 29400
1029 2.40 Losing 28371
1593 2.40 Winnings 30601

2. Odd / Even Bet

Odd odds in the set is about 2.50. Bet on “odd” in the second set if the teams scored an even number of points in the first set.

If you lose, keep betting on “odd” in each next set until the first run. If the match is over, but the bet has not entered, choose another meeting and continue betting according to the strategy.

For example, your bank is 20,000 rubles and you want to make a profit of 200 rubles. The results might look like this:

Bet size Coefficient Exodus Bank amount
200 2.50 Losing 19800
267 2.50 Losing 19,533
445 2.50 Losing 19 088
742 2.50 Winnings 20201

Volleyball midway betting strategy

Corridor is a strategy of two bets on one market, of which at least one choice will enter.

The width of the corridor is the value at which both choices will go.

Bet on the outsider of a volleyball match with a handicap from (13.5) to (17.5) in points according to the criteria:

  • The odds for the handicap taken exceeds 2.00.
  • The favorite performs at home.
  • The outsider is losing 0: 3 in sets in less than half of their matches this season.

Let's imagine that you bet on the handicap (15.5) on an outsider, and in the first set the favorite lost at 21:25.

Before the second game, take a handicap (-9.5) on the favorite for an odds higher than 2.00.

If the favorite wins by 10 to 15 points, both bets will go. But you will make a profit on any outcome.

Outsider betting strategy

Bet on the victory of an outsider in a match against a pronounced favorite according to four criteria:

  1. The outsider plays at home.
  2. One or more of the favorite players miss the match due to injury.
  3. The favorite played the last match less than three days ago.
  4. The meeting has no tournament value for the favorite.
  5. The odds for an outsider to win are over 2.00.

Volleyball betting strategies with surebets

Fork is a strategy of betting on opposite outcomes of the same sporting event with a guaranteed profit.

Fork Shoulders - Fork outcomes.

Determine the surebet by the formula:

Sp = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 +… + 1 / Kn , where Sp is the sum of all probabilities, K1, K2, ..., Kn are the odds for the outcomes of one market, n is the number of outcomes in one market.

If Sp <1, this is a fork.

For example, in the Zenit - Dynamo match in one bookmaker, the coefficient for Zenit's victory is 2.08, while the other gives the coefficient of 2.06 for Dynamo.

With rates of 2,000 rubles on both choices, you will be in the black no matter the outcome of the match. If Zenit wins, the payout will be 4160 rubles: 2000 x 2.08, and Dynamo's win will bring 4120 rubles: 2000 x 2.06.

There is only one in theory a win-win strategy for volleyball betting - surebets. But bookmakers can limit the size of the maximum bet for surebet players. Using other strategies of the "Championship", you can profit from the qualitative analysis of matches.

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