Total bets in football: strategies, types of bets, features and calculation examples

Total bets in football: strategies, types of bets, features and calculation examples
Total bets in football without a strategy lead to the loss of the bank. Study the recommendations of the "Championship" and the rules for calculating bets.

Any bookmaker's client knows what total is in football betting. But playing in this market usually leads to losses. In this article, we will analyze the types of total, examples of calculation and strategies for over / under bets.

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What is total in betting on football and other sports

Total - the number of conventional units: goals, pucks, points, corners and so on.

In the bookmaker's line, the total is designated by the letters "T" and "B" - more or "M" - less.

A bet on total can be made for the entire match or for another game segment: half, period, quarter, and so on.

Types of bets on football total

There are three types of totals in the bookmaker's line:

  • usual,
  • Asiatic,
  • three-way.

Regular total

The usual total is written in whole number or half fraction. For example, TB 1 or TM 1.5.

When betting on half total, there are two outcomes - winning and losing the bet. When betting on an integer total, an option with a refund is added. When the number of conventional units coincides with the selected value.

Asian total

Asian total is marked on the line using a decimal fraction with a value of 25 or 75 after the dot. For example, TB 0.75, TM 1.75, etc.

When betting on Asian total, the bet amount is divided in half between two adjacent regular totals. For example, 1000 rubles for TB 0.75 is 500 rubles for TB 1 and 500 rubles for TB 0.5.

Three-way total

Three-way total - a bet on the exact total. In the line of the bookmaker's office, it is also designated as 3way and is calculated without refund.

For example, a bet on a three-way total of goals equal to 2 will come in if a couple of goals are scored in the meeting.

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Examples of bets on total over or under in football

Let's consider five examples of calculating bets on different types of total, 1000 rubles each.

  • TB 1.5 in the match "Liverpool" - "Manchester United" for a coefficient of 1.40. If the sum of the goals of both teams is two or more goals, you will receive 1400 rubles: 1000 x 1.40.
  • TM 2 in the match Barcelona - Valencia for 3.45. If there are no goals in the fight or only one goal is scored, the payment will be 3450 rubles: 1000 x 3.45. If the match ends with a score of 2: 0, 1: 1 or 0: 2, the bet will be refunded. If three or more goals are scored in the match, the bet will lose.
  • TB 2.75 in the match Bayern - Hoffenheim for 1.80. The rate is divided into two halves: 500 rubles for TB 2.5 and 500 rubles for TB3. If three goals are scored in the game, the payment for TB 2.5 will be 900 rubles: 500 x 1.80, and 500 rubles will be returned for TB 3. In total, you will receive 1400 rubles: 900 + 500. If four or more goals are scored in the match, both bets will play. The payment will be 1800 rubles: 1000 x 1.80.
  • Three-way total is equal to 2 in the match "Inter" - "Juventus" for 3.20. The bet will win if exactly two goals are scored in the match. The payment will be 3200 rubles: 1000 x 3.20.
  • Three-way total under 3 in the Zenit - Lokomotiv match at a coefficient of 1.90. If two goals or less are scored in the game, you will receive 1900 rubles: 1000 x 1.90. With three goals or more, the bet will not come in.

Other types of bets on total

  • Individual total.
  • Combined bets taking into account the total. For example, the outcome of the match + total, both will score + total, and so on. The bet will pass if all elections are played.
  • Total Goal Time - A bet on the amount of minutes all goals were scored in regular time.

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What is an individual total bet

Individual total bet - a bet on the total of an individual athlete or team.

ITB1 and ITM1 - individual total of the first team or athlete by more or less.

Total over betting strategy

Bet on TB 2.5 in a football match according to the criteria:

  • More than 60% of matches of one of the teams ends with three or more goals scored.
  • Bookmakers give on TB 2.5 odds from 1.40.
  • The away team concedes more than two goals per match on average.

Total less betting strategy

Bet on TM 2.5 in football in the following cases.

  • Over the past five games, teams have conceded less than 10 goals in total.
  • The average performance of opponents this season is less than 1.5 goals per game.
  • Bad weather conditions: rain, snow.
  • The odds for each team to win are over 2.40.
  • The top scorers of both teams will miss the meeting.

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