Total and Asian total: what is the difference between these rates and how they are calculated in football

Let us explain with examples how the usual total differs from the Asian one.

Asian total consists of two regular totals. But the calculations have their own nuances. In this article, we will tell you how the usual total differs from the Asian one, give examples of how these rates are calculated and tell you about the typical misconceptions of players.

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What is normal and Asian total in bets?

Total is the number of events in a match. For example, goals, yellow cards, corners, points, games, assists and so on.

Regular total is presented in the bookmaker’s lines in whole or half values. For example, the total is over 2 or under 3.5.

When betting on half total, the bet can win or lose.

With a bet on the whole total, a refund is also possible. When the chosen number matches the outcome of the match.

In Asian total, bets are placed on the quarter values. For example, more than 1.75 or less than 2.25.

When betting on Asian total, the bet amount is divided into two equal parts between adjacent regular totals. This is what distinguishes Asian total from usual.

For example, 2000 rubles for an Asian total under 2.75 is 1000 rubles for under 2.5 and 1000 rubles for under 3. Total in foooverall bets: Total bets in football: strategies, types of bets, features and calculation examples

Total vs Asian Total: What is the Difference in Example

For example, in the CSKA – Zenit match, you bet 1000 rubles each on over 2.5 for 2.30, on over 2.25 for 2.00 and on over 2.75 for 2.65.

A bet on total over 2.5 will bring you 2300 rubles with three or more goals, and with two or less goals it will lose.

With a rate of 2.25 over, 500 rubles each went to over 2 and over 2.5. The bet is calculated as follows.

  • In case of a zero draw or one goal, the entire bet will lose.
  • If two goals are scored in the match, in this case, over 2.5 will not go, and the rate on over 2 will be refunded. Half of the amount wagered will be returned to you – 500 rubles.
  • With three goals or more, both halves of the bet will play. You will receive 2000 rubles: 1000 x 2.00.

When betting on over 2.75, 500 rubles each went to over 2.5 and over 3. With three goals, the payment will be 1825 rubles: 500 x 2.65 + 500 x 1.00. With four balls or more, you will receive 2650 rubles: 1000 x 2.65

Asian Total in Express

If there is one bet on the Asian total in the accumulator, it is divided into two parts.

As an example, let’s take a bet on under 2.25. Half of the sum of the express will be calculated with the outcome on under 2, and the other half with the choice on under 2.5.

For example, you bet 1000 rubles on an express train consisting of three events: a home win, a draw, and under 2.25 in three different matches.

The express will be divided into two halves of 500 rubles each:

  • home win, draw and under 2,
  • home win, draw and under 2.5.

Let’s imagine that the first two bets of the multiplier have played, and in the third match they have scored a couple of goals.

Then half with under 2.5 went completely. the express with under 2 wins partially, as the bet on the Asian total is calculated with the odds of 1.00.

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Pros and cons of Asian totals versus regular totals

This type of bets saves you time. You don’t need to make two different bets and think about how to split the amounts. The bookmaker does this automatically.

There is a misconception that betting on Asian total gives you wiggle room or additional insurance. This is wrong.

You can bet on two regular adjacent totals. The margin and calculation options will be the same.

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