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This is a selection of the most useful services for profitable sports betting. Here everyone will find something new for themselves. Add to bookmarks, the list will be updated. Write your suggestions in the comments.

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Football Spreadsheets

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Football Spreadsheets

Analizator – Bet Analyzer

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  1. Match results, livescore
  2. Statistics
  3. XG stats
  4. Movement of money and odds
  5. Preloads, scanners of a strong drop in odds
  6. Search for matches by filters
  7. Injuries and disqualifications
  8. Forecasts
  9. Mathematical predictions, robobet
  10. Trends and Team Series
  11. Bots for betting
  12. Championship Sites

Match results, livescore . The most popular match center. You can see live games, team statistics, standings, game schedules, lineups, statistics of matches played, etc. All sports are available. . Convenient site for live betting. Shows the pre-match line, attacks, dangerous attacks, shots, shots on target, corners, cards, system predictions. There is a sound notification of events. . Live scores, head-to-head statistics, calendars, odds comparisons, tournament pages, match pages, etc. All sports are available. . Another livescore site. Provides results of past matches, live matches, game statistics, game schedule, latest news, etc. . Convenient match center. There are all kinds of sports. Shows the odds of the bookmaker next to the matches, you can see their change. . Another analogue of Myscore. Features and interface are the same as those of the sites described above.

Statistics . Detailed statistics. There is a section with backtesting. That is, you can check your strategies and see ROI. . Includes form tables, goal stats, stats previews, and goal time stats. The data is conveniently summarized in tables, you can quickly evaluate the match, the probabilities of outcomes, totals, goal times, etc. . There are every statistic imaginable here. Outcomes, corners, cards, kicks, fouls, attacks, lineups, referees, etc. You can see a variety of trends, search for matches according to specified criteria, find out the predictions of the mathematical algorithm and users, there are a series of teams. Convenient statistics in the form of tables. There is everything: totals, corners, cards, exact score, both will score. The data can be filtered by times. Shows the Team Momentum Performance Ranking of a team which includes wins, draws, losses, offensive and defensive ability, team pressure and error propensity. You can quickly assess the strength of teams. . Rating systems and forecasts based on numerous data factors are presented. You can see the ratings of teams according to the ELO System, defense-attack, according to the Colley method, etc. Evaluate the value of bets on a particular outcome. Football and basketball are available. . They will allow you to quickly and visually assess the strength of the teams in the match. You can also see how much you could earn by betting on a particular outcome of the selected team. . Live Tennis Results, ATP, WTA, ITF Tennis Statistics, Tennis Player Comparison. . Detailed statistics on tennis matches and players. You can see the results of games on surfaces, the movement of coefficients, the rating of tennis players. Tennis related tweets.

XG stats . XG statistics on championships and matches. Gives predictions based on advanced statistics. . XG statistics for 6 championships: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Russian Premier League. . The tables of expected goals (xG) cover 50 leagues. The tables are updated twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays). . Expected goals statistics are calculated for teams and players. There is a breakdown by tournaments and matches. You can also see the statistics of baseball, hockey, basketball.

Movement of money and odds . Shows cash flows on the Betfair exchange. Available football, tennis, basketball. You can see the movement of money to win, the total over/under, the exact score. There is a section with the movement of coefficients. . Shows the cash flow of football betting. You can watch bets on upcoming matches and live games. There is a handy function that shows the average amount of money for similar games in the selected league. . An incredibly useful indicator of how the money line is moving and how odds change throughout the day. Determines the arrival of “smart” money on the market. . You can see the movement of money on the Betfair exchange for football matches. Shows bets on winning the match and TB 2.5/TM 2.5. There is a section with falling odds for the most popular bookmakers, odds trends. . Here you can find matches where the initial odds have changed. Highlighted font indicates the average current odds, and above – the initial odds. If you hover the mouse over the red arrow, you can see the percentage change in the coefficient. . Here you can see the movement of odds for all bookmakers. Matches are sorted by odds drop. You can filter matches by odds change time, match time, select markets (outcome, double chance, total), change odds range. . Shows the total amount of money wagered, distribution by outcome. You can see how much is bet on P1, X, P2, TB2.5, TM2.5. Explicit money transfers flash red. . Distribution of cash flows by outcomes. Shows the total amount of money wagered. The site gives its forecast based on these data. . You can compare odds for all matches across all bookmakers. Watch the change, look for the maximum. You can also find completed matches with identical odds and view their results.

Preloads, scanners of a strong drop in odds . Shows sharp ups and downs in odds. You can filter matches by percentage of odds change, by leagues, by time, by outcomes, by odds. . This is a service for tracking falling odds in football, tennis, basketball and hockey. There is a convenient schedule for changing the odds over time. A fall of more than 20% percent is highlighted in red. Here you can also see brief statistics for the match.

Search for matches by filters . You can create your own strategies based on odds drop, bet value, team rankings, etc. Receive notifications of suitable matches. There is a section with a rating of user strategies, sure rates, rates of the day. . Search for bets on “Both To Score”. You can quickly filter games based on statistics without reloading the page. Once you’ve found a filter you like, you can save it, come back and use it again.

Injuries and disqualifications . Injuries, disqualifications, possible compositions in England. . Shows injuries and disqualifications in football matches. Matches are sorted by date, i.e. you can conveniently see upcoming games and a list of players who are injured or suspended. . Collects information about injuries and suspensions for 100 leagues and tournaments in football, basketball, hockey. . Injuries, suspensions, squads, player prices, transfers and rumors.

Forecasts . The largest Russian-language forecast exchange. There are paid and free predictions. You can register your newsletter for sale or just verification of forecasts. . Free sports predictions from professionals, experts and handicappers of the Legalbet website with analytics, accurate statistics. There is a rating of forecasters. . Forecasts for today, forecasts for tomorrow, users’ choice, “iron” forecasts. There are all kinds of sports. There are statistics of forecasters.

Mathematical predictions . A good site with mathematical predictions. Shows the probability of the outcome, total goals, probable score, weather for the match. Predictions are obtained by processing match data for the last 14 years using mathematics and probability theory. . Another simple but good robot. Shows the probabilities of outcomes, bookmaker odds, system prediction and match result. In addition to the forecast, the recommended bet size is indicated. website screenshot . Robobet for football, basketball, hockey and tennis. Shows the probabilities of a particular outcome, the odds of the bookmaker and the forecast of the system. . High-quality forecasts with large coefficients. Mostly on the total and the outcome of the match or 1 half. To see the analysis of the game and the forecast, you need to click on the bell. . Mathematical predictions for football. A Poisson distribution is used to calculate the percentages for all three possible outcomes and based on this, a prediction is automatically selected. You can choose Russian. . Statistically based predictions. There is football, tennis, basketball, hockey. Shows exact score, winner, total, both teams will score. You can see forecasts for previous days. . Forecasts based on statistics, 1X2, TB 1.5, TB 2.5, TB 3.5. Shows the probability of outcomes as a percentage. . Free algorithmic predictions based on shape index. Mostly predictions for the outcome of the match, total and both teams will score. . Automatic predictions for the result of the match, total, team goal. You can see the forecasts for the previous days and 3 days ahead. . Mathematical predictions for total over 2.5. Matches are automatically selected based on 10 criteria. . Algorithmic predictions for tennis. Based on statistics, odds movement, motivation, tournament level, injuries. . A good site with mathematical predictions for basketball, hockey and tennis. Mainly interested in basketball. Shows the probability of winning the game, winning with a handicap and the total of the match. The list of games can be sorted by odds or probabilities.

Trends and Team Series . Value trends. The tool analyzes how often the bet was entered earlier and, based on this, concludes whether the odds on the outcome are too high. You can filter matches by time, leagues, odds, outcomes. . The main football trends are collected. In 1 click, you can find teams with the highest pass rate for the trends that you are interested in – both will score, total over or under. Shows how many bets have passed, odds, next match. You can customize the data. . The site makes a selection of upcoming matches, where, according to statistics, the probability of certain outcomes is high: TO, TO, Both to score, Both to score – no, TO of corners, TO of JK, P1, P2, X, etc. . Offers bets on trends. You can choose football, hockey, CS:GO. Trends in outcomes, totals, corners, LCD, offsides, fouls are presented. You can sort the matches by date or trend steepness. . Shows different series of teams 1×2, Double Chance, Goals, Totals, B/M Alternation, Winning, Losing, Drawn. We see how many matches the series continues, the coefficients for the continuation and interruption of the series. . Shows a series of football teams. Wins, losses, total, both teams to score, corners, cards. You can see the next match and the odds for it.

Bots for betting . Allows you to create your own strategies for live matches. There are all the necessary statistics: hits, attacks, corners, possession, etc. Notifications can be received in telegram, on the desktop, by mail.

Championship Sites . English Premier League website. . German Bundesliga website. . Italian Serie A. . Spanish La Liga. . French League 1. . Dutch Eredivisie Championship. . Dutch Eredivisie Championship.

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