Top 10 Good Sports Betting to Play at Bookmakers

Top 10 Good Sports Betting to Play at Bookmakers
Rating of the top 10 sports betting, without which no bookmaker's client can do.

A good sports bet provides long-distance gains, not instant gains. There are tons of tips on the internet on how to bet on sports. It is easy to get confused in them. Our top of the best sports betting will help you sort out the offers of the bookmakers.

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How to make a good bet

Before compiling a list of top sports bets, we will define the main criteria for high-quality betting.

Financial discipline

Making a good bet means not losing money. The size of the bet must not exceed the allowable losses. It is best if the first bet is made in a trial, virtual mode.

There are bookmakers who give a free bet as a bonus. Choose a financial management strategy if you continue to bet on an ongoing basis.

Bankroll management in bets: Bankroll Management in Sports Betting: Banking Rules and Seven Financial Strategies

Knowledge of the sport

You must have a deep knowledge of the rules, the specifics of tournaments, the peculiarities of teams, athletes. Most players choose the most popular sports for betting: football, basketball, hockey, tennis.

Pre-match analysis and strategic approach

Choose from the many sports betting strategies that are right for you. At the same time, there is no need to blindly follow abstract schemes that are effective only on paper. Supplement them with your knowledge, take into account your own pre-match analysis for each event.

Good odds

This is a subjective factor. There are players looking for value - odds overrated by the bookmaker. Others prefer averages of 1.80-2.10.

The main mistake that a beginner should avoid is betting on low quotes around 1.10-1.30.

Remember the key principle of distance betting: it is better to lose a strictly adjusted bet than to win a random one.

Where to bet on sports

Even when playing with a plus at a distance, this does not mean that you will receive your money. It is important not to give your money to scammers. Among the bookmaker companies that offer betting on matches, you need to choose a reliable office. Focus on the following criteria:

  • the office works legally on the territory of Russia - this guarantees the payment of your funds;
  • the official website of the bookmaker offers high-quality functionality - a wide list, fast Live, video broadcasts, a convenient mobile application, and so on;
  • moderate bookmaker margin providing high odds. Your results at a distance depend on it;
  • reviews of real clients and the rating of the bookmaker's

Top 10 sports betting for beginners

Here are the most popular sports betting, the top 10 options that are used in different strategies.

1. Outcome of the event

This is the basic type of bets. It is designated as follows:

  • W1 - the home team wins.
  • P2 - winnings for guests.
  • X is a draw.

Advantages - high limits, availability in forecasting even for beginners. Disadvantage - when betting on football, hockey, tennis, basketball, the odds on a stronger opponent are often underestimated due to the fact that many people are betting on him.

2. Double outcome

In sports where a draw is possible, you can bet on not losing to one of the sides - 1X or X2. The odds here are lower than for a clear win, but you can catch a valuable quote without losing an outsider.

Double outcome in bets: What does double outcome mean in bets: how to bet 1X, 12 and X2 on football according to strategy

3. Total

Total bets are popular due to the psychological craving of fans for high-performance matches. Advantage - you can bet on "over / under" on a variety of indicators: goals, corners, violations, feeds through, and so on. The disadvantage is the statistical market in which the bookmaker's margin will eat up the distance profit.

4. Both To Score

These are the most popular bets in football. In many matches, this selection is based on odds of around 1.80-2.50. To arrive at a distance, observe two conditions:

  • find among the offices presented the one where the margin is low for this market,
  • make a list of 15-20 clubs with suitable both-to-score odds.

5. Yellow cards

You can bet on the victory according to the mustard plasters of one of the teams, as well as on general and individual totals. When choosing events, study the statistics of the chief referee, the presence of written "rude" in the compositions, the principle of confrontation and other factors.

6. Corner

This indicator is not as fundamental as goals or removals. There are more than ten corners in matches. Learn to pick up oppositions with odds at the level of 2.00-2.50. Bet on common or individual totals.

Corner betting strategies: Corner betting strategy in football: how to bet on corners in live and prematch

7. Handicaps in basketball and tennis

In football, the goal range is small compared to basketball points and tennis games. Many players build their own strategies, bet on favorites with negative odds or outsiders with positive ones. This can lead to higher odds and benefits over the course.

8. Draw in football

The main advantage of betting on a draw in football is odds of 3.30 and higher. One of the most effective betting strategies is the “two out of five” system. According to it, two guessed draws compensate for a small plus, and three bring a solid profit.

9. Express

Beginners often rush to make multiple bets from a large number of events in order to get sky-high odds - 10.00, 30.00 and even more than 100.00. This is a direct way to drain money.

Many professionals bet on "doubles". Two events with quotes 1.50-1.60 are selected, which gives a total coefficient of 2.25-2.56. Qualitative analysis of events plays an important role here.

10. Plugs

You can even bet with a guaranteed profit. To do this, learn to find arbitration situations in different offices. The difference in odds allows you to make opposite bets with a guaranteed profit.

One will lose and the other will come in. A winning one compensates for failure and makes a profit. But bookmakers effectively track and block surebets. Therefore, the popularity of such bets is gradually decreasing.

Our top 10 best sports betting is a rough guide. The beginner should be aware of these possibilities. Over time, you will develop your own betting style and find your own strategy. There are hundreds of types of bets and schemes. Study them for long term success.

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