The value of total in bets: what is Over and Under, examples of calculation in football and other sports

The value of total in bets: what is Over and Under, examples of calculation in football and other sports
A bet on total gives fire to even the most boring match and consoles if the game did not please with goals. Let's figure out what total is in bets.

The total in betting attracts with a variety: you can bet on the total of almost any statistic indicator of the whole match, as well as the period, team or athlete. Let's analyze what total is in bets, what is the meaning of bets on total for bookmaker's players, their types, pros and cons.

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What is total in sports betting

Total (over / under) is a bet on the number of effective actions in a match or its segment. These can be goals scored in football, washers in hockey, the number of points in basketball and volleyball, tennis games. It can be corners, offside and yellow cards, if you take football.

Individual Total is a similar bet you place on the performance of an individual player or team instead of the entire match.

To pass the bet on the total over (over or top), a team or an athlete must overcome the performance bar set by the bookmakers with an advantage of at least half a point. For the bet to pass on the total less (under or bottom), the final result must be below the bar.

When to bet on total in football and other sports

When you bet on the top, you will count on a spectacular game and get the adrenaline of every shot on goal in football, every possession in basketball. You don't care who wins. The main thing is to go total. If you bet less on total, winning will delight you in a boring match.

Due to psychology, bets on total are more popular among players in football and other sports than under. This is connected both with the desire to see a beautiful game, and with the understanding that an accidental goal can make its own adjustments to what is happening on the field.

Types of bets: regular and Asian total

Total bets are divided into two types - regular and Asian total.

Normal total is a multiple of 0.5 or 1. For example, over 2.5 and under 2. A bet on a total multiple of 0.5 has two possible outcomes - winning and losing. Let's say you bet 2.5 goals on over. If 1-2 goals are scored in the match or not a single one is scored, then the bet will lose, because the number of goals is below the predetermined level. If 3 or more goals are scored, you are in chocolate.

Round total differs in that the bet can be returned (it is also an expense) if the number of events in the match - for example, goals - is equal to the value of your total. That is, a bet on under 2 goals will be returned to you if exactly two goals are scored in the match. The rest of the calculation is the same.

Asian total is a multiple of 0.25. For example, under 1.25. When betting on Asian total, its amount is divided into two parts equally between adjacent values ​​- for example, for under 1.25 they will be under 1 and under 1.5. Then both halves are calculated according to the rules for ordinary totals - with the odds at which you bet on the Asian total. Because of this, for example, one half may lose and the other may win.

Examples of calculating bets on total

You have bet 1000 rubles on total over 1.5 goals with odds of 1.80. If two or more goals are scored in the match, then you will receive a payment of 1800 rubles: 1000 x 1.80. Otherwise, you will lose.

You have bet 1000 rubles on total under 2 goals with odds of 2.30. Three goals or more will lead to a loss, exactly two goals scored will provide a settlement with odds of 1.00, that is, a return. One goal or their absence guarantees payment in the amount of 2300 rubles: 1000 x 2.30.

You bet 1000 rubles on total over 2.75 goals with odds of 3.00: 500 rubles will go to over 2.5, another 500 rubles will go to over 3. If the teams score four goals or more for two, the bet wins the whole and brings a payout of 3000 rubles: 1000 x 3.00. If there are exactly three goals, then half of the bet will win, and the second will be returned, and the payout will be 2000 rubles: 500 x 3.00 + 500. If two goals or less are scored in the match, the bet will lose entirely.

The bookmaker calculates bets on individual total in the same way, but taking into account the results of an individual team or athlete.

Total betting strategies for football and hockey

Try to start betting on totals with the following two strategies.

Express total

You need to choose two matches in which the bookmakers give approximately equal odds (not less than 1.74) on under 2.5 and over 2.5. You make up three express trains:

  1. over 2.5 in both meetings.
  2. over 2.5 and under 2.5.
  3. under 2.5 and over 2.5.

You bet the same amount. In each case, the odds will exceed 3.00, so any call guarantees a profit. Loss of funds is possible only in case of under 2.5 in both matches.

Catch-up total

You need to choose a team, in whose matches under 2.5 has played several times in a row, and the coefficient on over 2.5 regularly exceeds 2.00. You bet 1-2% of your pot on total over 2.5 and double the amount if you lose. You will profit after the first match with three or more goals.

Pros and cons of total betting

The advantages of betting on total are as follows:

  • enter both by the efforts of one team or athlete, and by two,
  • accepted at any bookmaker's office,
  • you can get a refund on the round total bet.

As a disadvantage, we can note the overestimation of the probability of total more due to the fact that players usually bet on over. This makes the bet unprofitable. In addition, it is difficult to understand Asian total at first.

Both experienced players and beginners make bets on total. This type of bets belongs to the bigmarkets, that is, the most popular in the bookmaker's line.

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