The most popular betting strategies

The most popular betting strategies

The most popular betting strategies

Many have at times suggested some betting strategies in gambling in order to always reach the maximum profit. Every gambler who plays gambling sooner or later develops his own system or simply uses one of the already known, older and newer systems. 

It should be noted that sports betting has a peculiarity, that the events in which we bet have different odds, ie different probability of winning and different levels of winnings, in contrast to the classic casino games, where the bet and the payout is fixed . 

The various progressive systems that we will present below, can be used in sports betting. but this is definitely more difficult and needs some adjustments or just finding consistently racing with the same odds (which is difficult to impossible).

The central idea here is that each bet differs from the previous ones in size and time, in order to maximize the chances of winning. 

The 3 basic categories of systems

We can mainly divide the betting strategies into three main categories:

Positive progressive systems

These are betting systems that are gradually increasing. For example, we bet on a sports match, on the victory of a team 1 euro and if we win, then we bet again on another team this time 2 euros and if we win again 3 euros and so on. In case we lose, we return to our original bet of 1 euro. These systems are then called profitable series and do not require much capital.

Negative progressive systems

In this case the system allows the player to recover his lost money even after a negative streak. It is based on the logic that at some point we will win… In fact in each lost bet we increase the amount of the bet until we recover our lost money. This tactic requires more capital in these positive progressive systems.

Security systems

This method is essentially a bit of a positive and a bit of a negative progressive system. We generally start with a fairly high bet and the goal is to reduce our bet after each win. 

The most popular betting systems

The Martingale system

This is a negatively progressive system, which is probably the oldest we know today. We start e.g. with a 1 euro. In case we win, then we place our original bet of 1 euro again and continue in this way. In case we lose, then we double our bet and repeat this process until we win eg 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. When we finally win, we have recovered all our lost bets and we have an additional profit of 1 euro. This system seems to work quite well when we have a large capital and no limit on the size of the bet. Of course, at some point we will fall into a big negative series, where e.g. we will lose 12 consecutive times.

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Paroli system

It has nothing to do with sports betting. This is a positively progressive system, with which we increase our stakes when we win and not when we lose. We start e.g. with 1 euro and we return to it as soon as we lose. The increase of the bet is done when we win 2 consecutive times. We can increase the bet as much as we want, but it is good to have it pre-determined. This is a safer system, in the sense that even in negative streams we do not lose such large amounts quickly as e.g. with the martingale.

The D 'Alembert system

This system is a combination of negative progress and security system. For example, we start with a bet of 3 euros, when we lose we reduce the bet by 1 euro and respectively when we win we increase the bet by 1 euro. It is a rather "conservative" system, which does not seek big profits quickly, but it does not have big losses either.

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The 1-3-2-6 system

It is quite similar to the system though and uses positive progress. Our goal here is to win four times in a row. We start with the basic bet e.g. 1 euro, our second bet is 3 euros, the third is 2 euros and the fourth bet is 6 euros. When we complete this process, they start all over again. It does not matter if we win or lose, we just follow this pattern. 

The Labouchere system

This is a negatively progressive system. We write on a piece of paper a sequence of numbers eg 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 10. Then we add the first and the last number and this is the bet (1 + 10 in the first bet, 3 + 9 in the second and 5 +7 in the third). In case of success we delete the numbers and bet the next outer pair. When we lose, we add the bet we lost at the end of this row to the number and continue again to take the first and last number and add them for the next bet. The downside of this system is that it requires a lot of capital, even to start with small bets. It can offer quick profits, but at the same time we can quickly reach the zero of capital.

The Due Column system

It is a negatively progressive system with which the player seeks a certain profit, increasing the amount of his bet every time he loses. According to the system, a specific profit must be determined before one can start. The difference with the Martingale and Labouchere system is that here we bet based on the performance of each match and try to reach a specific profit that will cover the losses and will give us something more. It is mostly used in sports betting because previous systems require bets to have the same odds to work properly and this is a bit difficult. The downside is that a negative streak can very quickly evaporate our capital.

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