The catch-up betting strategy: what it means and how to bet, examples in football and other sports

The catch-up betting strategy: what it means and how to bet, examples in football and other sports
The catch-up strategy allows you to cover all losses with one bet. But is the game worth the candle? "Championship" has analyzed what it means and how to set the catch-up.

The main advantage of catching up is the ability to make a profit with one successful bet after a series of failures. Because of this, catching up seems like a win-win strategy. But is it really so? Let's take a look at what a catch-up strategy is, what and how to bet on it.

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What is a catch-up strategy in betting

Catch-up is a pot-splitting strategy in sports betting where you increase your next bet after each loss so that the first win is profitable.

The sports betting catch-up strategy is a variation of the martingale used for playing in casinos. By martingale, you bet on red and black or even-odd and double your bet after each loss. When you win, you make a profit equal to the first bet.

Dogon is a risky strategy. A black streak of several failures can overtake everyone. Therefore, place your first bet no more than 1-2% of the bank. Even experienced players rarely start with more.

How to set up

For profit on the first bet, use the formula:

(bet amount) = (first bet amount + lost bets amount) / (odds - 1)

Let's analyze the variants of the game by catching up with specific examples.

1. Catch up in three steps. The initial bet size is 100 rubles. You take the first event with odds of 2.00. If you lose in the next match, bet 200 rubles for 2.00. In case of repeated failure, bet again for 2.00, but already 400 rubles. If the bet wins, the payout will be 800 rubles, and the net profit will be 100 rubles (800 - 100 - 200 - 400).

2. Catching up with the game bank by a factor of 2.00. Let's imagine that your game bank is 10,000 rubles, the first bet is 100 rubles, and the odds in all cases are equal to 2.00. The table with the results for the catch-up strategy may look like this.

Bet amount Result Bank size
100 Losing 9900
200 Losing 9700
400 Losing 9300
800 Losing 8500
1600 Losing 6900
3200 Winnings 10100
100 Winnings 10200
100 Losing 10100
200 Losing 9900
400 Losing 9500
800 Winnings 10300

Multiple losses in a row hit the bank hard and result in an increase in the stake to a size that you might not be willing to risk. The first success immediately overlaps the previous failures.

3. Alternative catch-up. After a series of failures, you can try to profit from a more reliable event. In order to gain profit with odds below 2.00, you will have to increase your bet amount. Let's imagine this strategy with a starting bank of 5,000 rubles and a first bet of 100 rubles in the table below.

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
100 2.00 Losing 4900
200 2.00 Losing 4700
400 2.00 Losing 4300
800 2.00 Losing 3500
2600 1.60 Winnings 5060
100 2.00 Losing 4960
200 2.00 Winnings 5160

After a streak of four losses, you are betting on a reliable event with odds of 1.60. The size of the bet is selected in such a way that one call would cover the sum of all previous losses and make a profit.

Be prepared for a streak of ten or more defeats. Starting to make bets according to the catch-up strategy, players calculate in advance the size of the first bet and the number of steps that they can go with their game bank before they run out of money.

Catch-up betting strategies: what you can bet on

Betting pursuit is used in sports with a large number of matches throughout the year: football, tennis, hockey and basketball. Below we take a look at six catch-up strategies that you can use.

Catching a draw in football

Bookmakers usually give odds higher than 3.25 for a draw in a football match. Therefore, you do not need to double your bet size to make a profit.

Experienced players select matches for a draw for a draw based on 4 criteria:

  • tournaments with a large number of draws;
  • teams that have not played in a draw for a long time;
  • opponents who often draw with each other;
  • meetings in which a draw suits both teams.

With this strategy, you are catching up with a draw. Bet on it in the first featured match. If you lose, then increase the amount and bet in the next match. So until you win.

The strategy of catching up in football to lose the favorite

Outsider odds can range from 2.00 to 30.00.

Choose a team with a long streak of victories and catch defeat using the catch-up strategy. A high odds can be caught when one of the giants plays 2-3 days after the Champions League on the outsider field.

Basketball Quarter Betting

You're betting on an outsider to win in the first quarter of a basketball game. In case of failure, bet on it according to the catch-up strategy in every next quarter until the end of the meeting. If no bet is played, take the next match and continue to increase the amount of the bet.

Even in a match between the best and worst teams in the league, the favorite rarely wins all quarters. Sometimes the basketball players of the top club do not immediately turn on the maximum speed, and in the event of a large difference in the score, the coach of the leading team often throws reservists into battle.

Catch up against favorite in women's tennis

We recommend betting on this strategy on outsiders in women's tennis, since the likelihood of a sensation in it is higher than in men's.

If the favorite won the previous tournament or has health problems, then you need to bet on the outsider. In case of failure, you use the catch-up strategy against the favorite. Ten-win streaks are rare in women's tennis.

Hockey catch-up strategy

In the first period, you bet on the total of pucks over 1.5 and repeat this bet in the next two game segments in case of failure. Failed to win? Choose the next match and follow the catch-up strategy.

Most leagues have a 1.5 TB ratio well below 2.00 in a period, but three downstairs in a row in a hockey game are rare. You should choose matches from high scoring teams.

Football totals betting

You choose a team, in the matches of which the bottom happened several times in a row, that is, the total is less, or the top, that is, the total is more. Place your first bet on ending the streak, and in case of failure, continue until you win.

Features of the catch-up strategy in sports betting

Calculate the number of acceptable defeats in advance, and make the first bet no more than 2% of the bank. One call will cover the sum of all previous losses and bring a win. But remember that a series of even several failures will raise the next bet.

Please note that bookmakers limit the maximum bet for each event. Therefore, you may not accept the amount that you need to bet for the success of the catch-up.

Dogon is a gambling strategy that does not guarantee success, but only redistributes the amounts of wins and losses: you rarely and lose a lot, and you win often and little. For catch-up bets to be successful, choose bets underestimated by the bookmaker - value.

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