Strategy for betting on the favorite in tennis and table tennis: how to increase the odds

Strategy for betting on the favorite in tennis and table tennis: how to increase the odds
Favorite tennis bets rarely profit from the distance due to margins and loads, but there is a way to bet at higher odds.

Betting on the favorite in tennis is often used in "ladders", but one wrong choice can ruin everything. In this article, we will analyze the strategies for betting on favorites in tennis and table tennis, how to increase the odds and how to choose a match.

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How tennis favorites are determined

Tennis and table tennis have their own world ranking of athletes.

Taking part in various tennis tournaments, athletes receive not only prize money, but also points that affect their position in the world ranking.

Example: Novak Djokovic is in the 1st line in the world rankings, and Jay Clarke is in the 166th. In the face-to-face meeting, Novak Djokovic will be the favorite.

There are matches when tennis players are in neighboring places in the ranking, but the bookmaker singles out one as a favorite.

But the rating is only one of the components. The favorite can miss several months due to injury and drop in the general list of players.

Consider the athletes' physical fitness, court coverage, emotional state, and head-to-head statistics.

The strategy of betting on tennis on a favorite implies a comprehensive analysis of all factors and nuances that affect the result.

Ranked Favorite Betting

Highly rated tournaments are valued in this sport. They allow you to earn decent prize money and score a lot of rating points. In such a situation, consider two key aspects.

  • Strong players push themselves to the peak of their fitness for key competitions. The Grand Slam tournaments, the Masters 1000 series are the most important stages of the season. The motivation of the leaders of the rating goes off scale, and they give their best.
  • Predictions for winning the match of the clear favorite. In the first rounds of major tournaments, top tennis players often swing and get in shape. Therefore, with odds above 2.00, a positive handicap in games often comes to an outsider.

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Favorite betting in low-ranked tournaments

The ITF Series is a low-ranking competition that regularly underestimates favorites. This favorite betting strategy targets the following athletes:

1. Young tennis players who are making a name for themselves in the ITF series. Bookmakers underestimate the strength of such tennis players, since they have not yet entered the top of the world rankings.

2. Experienced players who return to tennis after a severe injury healed.

Low-ranking tournaments are the minimum prize money for tennis players, so some athletes may "drain" the game to make money. Keep track of your tennis players' reputation.

Tennis favorite betting strategies

The favorite can win if he is in good shape and has sufficient motivation. Choose a strategy that can give you long-term profits.


The initial size of the bet in the "ladder" should be no more than 5% of your bank. Select matches in which the favorite can be bet with odds of 1.40-1.50.

The size of the next bets is equal to the payout for the previous ones. Let's imagine that you have allocated 1000 rubles for the "ladder" and want to get to the mark of 4000 rubles. The results might look like this:

Bet size Result Coefficient Pay
1000 Winnings 1.50 1500
1500 Winnings 1.45 2175
2175 Winnings 1.40 3045
3045 Winnings 1.40 4263

The net profit will be 3263 rubles. But remember that one failure will lead to the loss of the entire allocated amount.

Players who do not use the catch-up strategy can use the ladder. The key to success lies in careful analysis and the right choice of matches.

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Motivation of strong players

Sooner or later, even those in the world rankings who are in the top 20 lose. Some strong players are behind in three or even four matches in a row. In the next fight, such a tennis player will defeat an outsider.

For example, Andrei Rublev (14th place) was eliminated from two ATP tournaments. In the upcoming game, he meets Marco Cecchinato (110th place) and wins 2-0 (6: 2, 6: 3).

Table Tennis Favorite Bet

The table tennis live betting strategy is to bet live on losing favorites.

If, before the meeting, the favorite is given a coefficient of 1.30, then if the game loses 1: 2, the coefficient may increase to 1.70 and higher.

Many bets on table tennis are made when the favorite is a few points behind in the game. It is not a problem for the master to get together and turn the tide of an unsuccessful meeting. Also, the favorite can take the time to warm up and give up the first batch to focus on the rest.

It is best to bet on the favorite at the beginning of the set or in the second set to catch a high odds.

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How to increase the odds per favorite in tennis

In the event that the line for the favorite is heavily loaded, there are two main ways to increase the odds for his victory.

1. A bet on winning a match with an exact score of 2: 0 or 3: 0 in Grand Slam tournaments. In the meeting Rublev - Ceckinato, the odds of 1.31 were given for the victory of the Russian, and the odds for the win with a score of 2: 0 in sets were 1.69.

2. Betting on a negative handicap for games. In the same game, it was possible to bet on F1 (-4.5) in games with the odds of 1.78.

How to choose a match featuring a favorite

Pay attention to the surface of the court where the favorite will play with an outsider. Ideal when the favorite will perform on their favorite surface.

Also study the fights in which the favorite has participated before. It is enough to carefully analyze the last 3-4 games. In matches, keep track of the percentage of games taken on your serve, aces and other indicators. Consider the tennis players face-to-face.

The bets on the favorite in tennis and table tennis can only be profitable in the case of a qualitative analysis. Bookmakers put margin in the odds, and the line for favorites is often also loaded. You can try the "ladder", but one failure will lead to the loss of the entire allocated amount.

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