Strategies for betting on handball in live and prematch: accumulator for favorites, lineout and draw

Strategies for betting on handball in live and prematch: accumulator for favorites, lineout and draw
There are strategies in handball in which the odds are much higher than in football and hockey.

Betting on a draw in handball can be huge profits. But choosing the right match is incredibly difficult. In this article, we will analyze how to place handball bets online and in pre-match according to the main strategies.

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What is a sports betting strategy

Betting strategy is the rules and principles used by bettors.

Live strategy is an online betting strategy

Features of handball betting

When placing handball bets, consider the following rules:

  • In the regular season, a match is played in two halves of 30 minutes each.
  • In case of a draw in the playoffs, extra time is assigned: two halves of five minutes each.
  • The teams play two more five minutes if the overtime is tied.
  • Players shoot 7-meter throws for a tie in both overtimes.
  • Coaches carry out an unlimited number of substitutions in a match.

Live handball betting strategy

1. Strategy for betting on individual total Bet on the individual total of the

hosts in the second half more than in the first one according to the criteria:

  • The bookmakers considered the hosts to be the favorite.
  • The guests won the first half.
  • The hosts did not score the number of goals expected by the bookmakers in the first half.
  • The odds per bet exceeds 1.50

For example, in the PSG - Zagreb match, the first half ended at 13:14. Bet on the hosts' Individual Total Over 13.5 in the second half of the game.

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2. Strategy for betting on handball corridor

Corridor is a strategy of two bets on one market, in which at least one choice will enter.

The corridor width is the number of values, when hitting which both bets go.

Bet on the total over from (54.5) to (58.5) of goals scored if the odds for this choice exceed 2.00.

Let's imagine that you bet on the total over (56.5) and the teams played the first half of the meeting with a score of 16:16, that is, they scored 32 goals.

In the second half of the meeting, bet on the total under (60.5) for the odds above 2.00.

If the number of goals scored in the match is from 57 to 60 goals, then both bets will go. In other cases, one choice will play, but you will profit from any outcome.

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Outsider betting strategy

In a match where a favorite and a clear outsider are playing, bet on the home team to win if:

  • The outsider has won over a third of his home games this season.
  • The favorite is visiting.
  • The outsider has beaten the favorite at home in one of his last two matches.
  • The odds for an outsider to win are over 2.00.

For example, in the match of the Russian Super League, Spartak Moscow hosts the Chekhov Bears. The odds for the victory of the first team are 5.40. If the hosts win, a bet of 1000 rubles will bring 5400 rubles: 1000 x 5.40.

Multi betting strategy for favorites

Make an accumulator of three favorites wins according to the following criteria for each match:

  • The favorite plays at home.
  • Bookmakers give the odds for the favorite to win in the region of 1.25-1.65.
  • The home leaders will take part in the match from the first minutes.
  • The favorite has won over the last two matches at home.

For example, you bet 2,000 rubles on an express train from three Champions League matches:

1. Victory of Vive Kielce against Kiel for a coefficient of 1.62.

2. Barcelona's win in the match of Spades for 1.29.

3. Victory of Dynamo Bucharest in the meeting with Sporting Portugal in 1.57.

The total multiplier is 3.28: 1.62 x 1.29 x 1.57. The payment in case of passing all elections will be 6,560 rubles: 2000 x 3.28.

Draw Betting Strategy

The odds for a draw in handball are over 7.00. To arrive at a distance, you just need to guess the peaceful outcome of the fight in every seventh match.

Bet on a draw according to the criteria:

  • The odds for each team to win does not exceed 2.70.
  • Opponents concede on average less than 30 goals per game.
  • The teams have drawn at least once in their last seven matches.

For example, in the match "Meshkov Brest" - "Porto" you bet 500 rubles on a draw with a coefficient of 9.50. In case of a peaceful outcome, the payment will be 4,750 rubles: 500 x 9.50.

In handball, betting online is safer for one of the teams to win than in a draw. But the odds for a peaceful outcome in the prematch are always higher than 7.00. Choose meetings to bet on a draw according to the "Championship" criteria or use other strategies.

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