Sports bettor: tips for beginners and success stories

Sports bettor: tips for beginners and success stories
Every professional was once a beginner. Valuable recommendations have appeared in betting for novice bettors.

By placing bets at a bookmaker's office, a player becomes a better. In this article, we will tell you who a bettor is in sports betting, share success stories and professional advice.

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Who is a bettor in betting?

Better, or bettor (from the English bet - bet) - a player who places bets on sports events in a bookmaker's office.

The bets are concluded on the terms of the bookmaker. Bookmakers offer minimum odds for the most probable outcomes.

To make money on bets, the bettor must find the bookmaker's mistakes in the line, look for other strategies for winning bets and follow the principles of bankroll management.

If a person has registered at a bookmaker's office and bets on sports, he is already a bettor. Even when these bets are not profitable. But most of the bookmaker's clients are interested in the financial benefits of gambling.

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How a successful bettor bets on sports

To successfully bet on sports, you need a cold calculation and a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

There are several criteria for a successful bettor.

  • Understands the kind of sport on which he makes a bet.
  • Knows the teams or athletes whose event he chooses to bet on.
  • Conducts pre-match statistics analysis: recent results and standings.
  • Keeps track of information from the team camp about motivation, the presence of injuries and disqualifications of players, about the state of leading athletes.
  • Takes into account the location of the meeting.
  • Understands the specifics of the game conditions of the match.
  • Uses several types of bets.

How to Become a Successful Better: Tips for Beginners

To play on bets for the purpose of earning, study the information about the rules, types of bets, statistical analysis and other nuances.

There are many recommendations on the Internet for beginner bettors.

  • Read as many materials and books about betting as possible. The more you learn about the strategies and experiences of other players, the easier it will be for you initially.
  • Find one or more bookmakers offering the highest odds and the widest range of events.
  • Explore the sports, rules and leagues you will bet on.
  • Eliminate emotions. It is very important to bet without personal preference for the team or athlete.
  • Check the strategies for playing on a virtual account or keep a table with the results of virtual bets. If at a distance of more than 100 bets you will be in the black, you can go to the game for real money.
  • Stick to financial management. Determine in advance what the maximum amount you are willing to bet and how badly the game bank can be damaged.

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Betting success stories

There are famous personalities who have become examples of successful players for novice bettors. Such people have devoted their whole lives to betting, having invested a lot of time and effort into this business.

For example, Bob Voulgaris made great strides in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This American bettor made bets on the total of the last half of the meeting in the NBA matches.

Then the bookies then the total total for the entire match by four, not taking into account the free throws at the end of the game. Vulgaris took advantage of this by creating his own basketball betting strategy.

Then the bookmakers eliminated their mistake, and for a couple of years Bob had to forget about stable income from bets. But in the end, with his participation, a special program was created for calculating the betting algorithm, which is still relevant.

Another example of a successful player is Lam Banker . This American bettor became a millionaire thanks to sports betting. It got to the point that some bookmakers refused to accept bets from him, fearing large losses.

Banker did not reveal all of his secrets, but gave some tips for newbies.

  • Don't listen to the majority opinion. It is often wrong.
  • Do not increase your bet amount in an attempt to recoup.
  • Choose your matches carefully and do not give predictions on what you don’t understand.

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