Sports betting strategies: are there win-win and risk-free, what are good football betting strategies?

Sports betting strategies: are there win-win and risk-free, what are good football betting strategies?
There are numerous betting strategies: catch-up, ladder, express for favorites. We analyze 10 popular sports betting strategies.

Any popular sports betting strategy was created in order to get the maximum winnings. But there are no win-win betting strategies. In this article, we'll break down 10 betting systems for soccer and other sports - and how to wrap them up to your advantage. Among them are bank management strategies, such as a fixed percentage of the bank, and betting strategies, such as value betting.

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What is a sports betting strategy

Many people present complex calculations and formulas when they use the word “strategy”. In fact, betting strategies are more of a set of principles that bookmaker players have formulated based on their experience.

Good strategies do not guarantee success, but they do avoid the bumps others have already filled. Strategies for managing the game bank that you allocate for bets are especially important in this regard.

Choosing a strategy means that you will follow the rules described in the strategy for a long time. This requires discipline and trust in the scheme that the betting strategy describes.

Testing betting strategies

Experienced bettors do not advise playing the strategy for real money at once. To understand the essence of the system, learn how to select matches and understand the rules, start testing the strategy on paper or in a spreadsheet. You just need to select matches and determine the size of the bet according to the rules of the strategy, but not bet real money. The results of bets must be recorded or tracked in a demo account, and then analyzed how successful the game was according to the chosen strategy.

If you were successful at a distance of at least one month, go to real rates. But remember that real money makes it psychologically difficult to make an unbiased choice of matches and bets for your strategy.

Review of 10 popular betting strategies for football and other sports

Dogon strategy (Martingale)

The essence of the Martingale or catch-up strategy is to double the bet amount after each loss, in order to win the first bet amount.

Let's say you bet 100 rubles on the victory of the first team, but the bet is lost. You choose the next match and bet 200 rubles. In the event that you fail again, the amount of the bet on the third match will be 400 rubles. And so on until you win.

To get a net profit, you need to bet on events with odds of 2.00 or higher. Usually the player calculates in advance how many bets he can lose painlessly for his bank. Based on this, it determines the initial bet amount. Usually no more than 1-2% of the bank.

The player does not always have enough steps calculated in advance, so there is a risk of losing the bank. It is important to know that bookmakers often limit the size of the maximum bet, so the player may not accept a bet on the required amount of money according to the catch-up strategy.

Alternative catch-up strategy

Change the catch up if you want to bet on odds over or under 2.00. To do this, you must learn how to determine the amount of each next bet, taking into account the odds, loss and target profit.

To do this, use the formula: (Current loss + Target profit) / (Coefficient - 1) .

For example, you have already bet 100 rubles and lost. Your target profit is the amount of the first bet. You want to place your next catch-up bet at odds of 3.00. We consider: (100 + 100) / (3 - 1) = 200/2 = 100 rubles. If you bet 100 rubles on 3.00 and win, you will compensate for the lost 100 and get another one in net profit.

Basketball quarter betting strategy

Dogon is actively used as an element of other strategies. For example, in basketball quarter betting. The strategy is based on the hypothesis that a team rarely loses all quarters in a single match.

Players bet on the outsider to win in the quarter. If the odds are too low or high, you can take a head start. If you lose, the bet for the next quarter is doubled. And so on until the bet wins. If the last quarter of the match does not bring profit, you should continue to catch up with the winning quarter in a new match.

Experienced players are advised to bet on teams that do not have a long streak of losses in quarters, and to choose matches without too obvious an edge in favor of the favorite. Like any catch-up strategy, quarter betting in basketball is dangerous in that a series of failures can drag on and force you to bet too much to win back losses.

Ladder betting strategy

If you want to bet small amounts with minimal risk, use the ladder. The strategy is based on betting on odds from 1.10 to 1.30. The player places the first bet, and if it wins, then bets it and the entire amount won on the next match. Etc.

The player is determined in advance with the number of bets - ladder steps. Upon reaching the highest step, the bettor starts from the first step, leaving net profit in his pocket. A ladder strategy can lead to failure. Even the lowest odds will lose sooner or later, and one minus is enough to lose the entire game bank.

So the ladder is by no means a win-win sports betting strategy.

The strategy of express betting on favorites

There is a hypothesis that among all the available matches, you can select those in which the victory of the favorites is obvious. We are talking about the so-called "reinforced concrete" rates with minimal risk. The main disadvantage of betting on favorites is the low odds. Therefore, players combine several "obvious" outcomes into one express bet.

You can modernize this strategy by betting not only on favorites, but also on other reliable options: the total is higher in a potentially productive match, a positive handicap on the underdog, and so on.

This strategy has a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, any bet can lose along with the entire accumulator. Secondly, if you bet on overvalued favorites in the accumulator, you only increase the bookmaker's advantage over you. Therefore, never bet on very popular teams.

Underdog betting strategy

In tennis, experienced bettors take underdogs with a plus handicap and divide their bets on underdogs into the following groups:

  • on the unpredictable underdog in women's tennis,
  • against a young player who knocked out a more skilled opponent at the previous stage and was overvalued because of this by the bookmaker,
  • against a favorite with a long unbeaten streak,
  • against a favorite playing on an unloved surface.

In football, players place bets on outsiders in the following matches:

  • when a favorite releases a duplicate composition,
  • when a team without tournament motivation plays with a team that needs to score points,
  • when the favorite has no leading player.

Statistics betting strategy

There are players who bet only on sports statistics: corners and free kicks in football, the percentage of shots on goal in hockey, the percentage of successful serves in tennis. The more popular the sport and the richer the bookmaker's list, the more chances of encountering bets on statistics.

A significant disadvantage of this strategy is that the margin on such smallmarkets is very high to compensate for the lack of accuracy in assessing the odds. Therefore, you must perfectly know the sport you are betting on in order to find profitable bets on statistics.

Flat betting strategies

According to the flat strategy, you bet the same amount. It does not change depending on the odds, the amount of the pot or the probability of the event.

This is the easiest bank management strategy to start with. But since she is completely devoid of flexibility, it is the most difficult to win with her.

Bank Fixed Interest Strategy

The management of the bank according to this strategy takes into account its amount. Therefore, the bet amount is constantly changing, adjusting to the current size of the bankroll. Usually they bet 1-2% of the bank, and only experienced ones up to 5%.

The strategy of betting on valuable events

Value in betting is a bet that the bookmaker underestimated.

For example, in the match “Spartak” - “Barcelona” the bookmaker estimated the victory of “Spartak” with a coefficient of 3.50 (probability with a margin of 28%). But you analyzed the lineups of both teams, their mood and the results of the last games, having come to the conclusion that the real chances of Spartak's victory are higher and amount to 40%. The bookmaker underestimates the red and white. Considering the odds of 3.50 too high, you are betting on Spartak's victory.

Bookmakers rarely make mistakes in assessing the odds. It makes more sense to assess your ability to spot underestimated outcomes at a distance before real money betting. If you manage to find such matches correctly in more than 50% of cases, feel free to use the value strategy.

What you need to know about sports betting strategies

Any strategy requires discipline and adherence to the rules. If you want to improve a strategy or combine it with another, do so - but test the new strategy on paper first.