Sports betting strategies: analyzing four good ones and one win-win

Sports betting strategies: analyzing four good ones and one win-win
Bookmakers love clients who bet without a strategy. One or more betting schemes will increase your chances of making a profit.

Players without strategy are favorite clients of bookmakers. To play successfully, you need clear principles. In this article, we'll take a look at live and prematch sports betting strategies, as well as one win-win scheme.

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What is a betting strategy in a bookmaker's office

Strategy is a set of rules and principles that players use to place bets.

The essence of any strategy is to increase the chances of winning and earn consistently.

Sports betting strategies in prematch

Consider two pre-event betting strategies for hockey and football matches: Football

Draw Betting

Bookmakers give high odds for a draw in any football match: from 3.00. To make a profit, it is enough to win every third bet.

Bet on a draw if the match meets the criteria:

  • opponents have drawn at least twice in the last six matches with each other,
  • both teams have drawn at least a couple of times in the last six rounds.

Hockey Outsider Betting

Bet on the victory of an outsider based on the results of the entire match according to four criteria:

  • the favorite plays at a party,
  • the outsider has more time to recover,
  • the match is conceded by at least two favorite hockey players from the team's top 5 scorers,
  • underdog wins at least 50% of home matches this season.

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Live sports betting strategies

Let's analyze two live strategies for betting on football and tennis.

Corner favorites betting strategy

Bet on the victory of the favorite in corners with a handicap for odds in the region of 1.65-1.95 according to three criteria:

  • the outsider keeps the score,
  • the favorite plays the majority,
  • the second half is in the meeting.

Reverse Break Betting Strategy in Women's Tennis

A break is a game won on someone else's serve.

A reverse break is a game won on someone else's serve after losing on his own.

If there is no clear favorite in the match, the odds for the reverse break will be from 2.00. If one tennis player takes someone else's serve, in the next game bet on her opponent.

Bet on the reverse break according to two criteria:

  • both tennis players hit less than 60% of the first serve,
  • the match is played on clay.

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A win-win betting strategy in any sport

The only strategy for playing in bookmakers where you are guaranteed a net profit is surebets.

A fork is an opportunity to bet on all selections of one market so that you will be in the black no matter the outcome.

Find the surebet by the formula :

Sp = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 +… + 1 / Kn , where Sp is the sum of probabilities, n is the number of choices in one market.

If Sp <1, then you have found a fork.

In the tennis match Daniil Medvedev - Alexander Zverev, one bookmaker gave the odds 1.90 for Medvedev's victory, and the second - 2.25 for Zverev's win.

Checking the line:

1 / 1.90 + 1 / 2.25 = 0.97, this is a fork.

If you bet, for example, 10,000 rubles on Medvedev and 8,500 rubles on Zverev, you will make a profit if any tennis player wins:

  • 10,000 x 1.90 = 19,000 rubles if Medvedev wins.
  • 8500 x 2.25 = 19 125 rubles if Zverev wins.

With a total bet of 18,500 rubles, you will remain in the black.

Test your strategy with a bet simulator before playing for real money. Profit is guaranteed only by surebets, but there are dangers here as well. Bookmakers can limit the size of the maximum bet, which will reduce the already low profit.

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