Serie A betting - what should you watch out for?

Serie A betting - what should you watch out for?

The best tips for successful Serie A bets

The Italian Serie A was once the strongest football league in Europe. In recent years, however, the Spanish Primera Division , the British Premier League and also the German Bundesliga overtook the Italian elite league. There are multiple reasons for that. Due to the steep rise in admission prices, the number of spectators continues to decline. In addition, the Serie A made negative headlines lately with riots, racist attacks and betting scandals. Almost all clubs are in financial straits and also complain of ailing stadiums. Serie A is still quite popular with sports bettors, so that all bookmakers have a correspondingly large range of bets in their program. We show you what to look out for when betting on Serie A.

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Development of the A series

As far as sport is concerned, Serie A has been dominated by record champions Juventus Turin and the two Milanese clubs Inter and AC since it was founded. Their dominance was broken every now and then by respectable successes from AS Roma, Lazio Rome or SSC Napoli.

The Italian Serie A had its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, a large number of top international players cavorted here. World stars like Maradona and Ronaldo have shaped the league just as much as Lothar Mattäus or Rudi Völler. A player from Seria A has been voted Europe's Footballer of the Year 18 times. At least in this point, the top Italian league is still ahead.

In contrast to the Bundesliga , the Italian clubs paid little attention to their finances. Despite enormous international successes, the debt burden of clubs has grown, for which today's generation has to pay a high price. The stadiums are dilapidated and there is no money for expensive signings. Serie A has lost a lot of its former glory in recent years. The gap to the European top is getting bigger and bigger. The leagues in England, Spain and Germany can now be assessed more strongly. For young Italian players this is of course a chance to prove themselves in the top division. The clubs' financial problems are also an opportunity for Italian football.

Even betting odds in Serie A

What Bayern Munich is to the German Bundesliga, Juventus Turin is in Serie A. The Italian record champions have dominated the league in recent years. Only AS Roma can keep up with some cuts. In contrast, the two Milanese clubs have been in crisis for a long time. In general, the league is considered to be very even, anyone can beat anyone. When betting on Serie A, this ensures balanced and consistently good betting odds. Even for a home win, the odds are often 2.0 or higher. For away wins as well as for draws betting odds of around 3.0 are the rule.

Compared to other leagues, the odds for favorites in Serie A are still relatively high. When betting on a home win there are very often odds of 1.3 or 1.4. In contrast, the value in the Bundesliga, for example, is often only 1.2 or below. If you follow the happenings in Serie A closely and get the important information, you have the chance of attractive prizes with many bookmakers. 

Games with many goals are rare

The Italian teams are said to have a primarily defensive strategy. A safe defense is usually taken more seriously than the offensive game. It is for this reason that very often there are few goals scored in games. About a third of the encounters end with 0: 0, 1: 0 or 0: 1. Sports bettors should always keep this in mind when betting on Serie A. That is why under-goal bets are a sensible alternative. However, there are still an average of 2.5 goals per game.

Yellow and red cards are often drawn

Italians are generally considered to be very emotional, especially when it comes to football. Therefore, red cards in Serie A are not uncommon. A player is sent off in roughly every seventh game. There are even an average of five yellow cards per game. Sports bettors can bet on it as well, especially since the odds in this area are very high. Important games and derbies are particularly suitable for betting on yellow and red cards. The more an encounter is in public, the more emotional it gets to the point. Those who are under particular pressure to succeed are more likely to take the emergency brake.

Betting manipulation in Serie A

When betting on Serie A, sports fans should always keep in mind that match-fixing has occurred time and again in recent years. In recent years, numerous players, officials and coaches have come under suspicion of having been involved in match-fixing.

In the 1980/1981 season, a major betting scandal was uncovered, as a result of which Lazio Rome and AC Milan had to enter the second division. In 2005, FC Genoa was caught buying promotion against AC Venice, who had already been relegated from Serie A. As a punishment, FC Genoa was not allowed to move up, but had to go into Serie C together with AC Venice.

In the years 2004 to 2006 there were also numerous match-fixing in the highest Italian league. As a result, Juventus Turin was even stripped of the championship title and the club had to relegate to the second division. In the 2006/2007 season, the game Catania Calcio against US Palermo broke out into serious riots, in which a policeman died and hundreds of fans were injured. As a result, the international match between Italy and Romania was canceled.

Even in the recent past, Serie A has repeatedly drawn attention to itself with negative headlines. Shortly before the Euro 2012, 160 suspects, including national players, were suspected of manipulation. In the course of the investigation, the national team's training camp was also searched by the police. The then Italian Prime Minister Monti even considered temporarily closing Serie A.

Italians still love their football

Despite the scandals, football is still the most popular sport in Italy. A closure of Series A is therefore hardly to be feared. Sports betting is even more popular in Italy than in Germany. The Italian sports bettors regard the whole thing less as a matter of the head. Betting is mostly on one's own favorite team, less on the team with the best chance of winning. An Inter Milan supporter would hardly bet on the latter club in a game against Juventus, even if the chances of victory are very slim.

The manipulations make betting on Serie A a lot more difficult for German sports bettors. Italian betting fans can assess their players much better. You never know whether a favorite was bought from a favorite. Betting fans should be aware of this at all times, despite extensive research. In any case, bets on Serie A offer very good chances of winning even for informed and ambitious sports bettors thanks to the balanced strength of their teams and the predictability of their defensive style of play.

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