Post-leg betting: strategy for post-gamblers in bookmakers

Post-leg betting: strategy for post-gamblers in bookmakers
One of the tricks of unscrupulous bettors is called post-breaking. We analyze the way in which they make millions from bookmakers.

The so-called professional gamblers will confirm that after-law is among the surest ways to multiply your deposit at the bookmaker. However, this has a mediocre relationship to the game. Let's see what postlegals are in bookmaker betting.

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Post-leg - or a bet on an event with a known result

Post-leg is a situation in a bookmaker's office when there is a technical opportunity to place a bet on an event, the result of which is already known. That is, a bet on a completed event.

It is not at all necessary that this was a bet on a goal of a certain player. The number of shots on target in football, the point played on the serve of an opponent in tennis, the percentage of single combats won in hockey - all this can be the very “post-leg”. One condition is enough - the bookmaker accepts the bet when the result of the event is known.

A postgunner is someone who monitors such events on an ongoing basis and bets on them. Postgamers select bookmakers that are prone to technical errors of this type, and are constantly sitting live. They go to stadiums not only for the purpose of consuming soft drinks, but also in the hope of catching the goal before the trader and the bookmaker's software.

You cannot call a post-legal arbitration situation. In this case, you make only one bet on an event with an outcome already known to you.

Postlegal betting - a real-life example

The game is running against Espanyol against Valencia. The score is 0-0. The bettor is bored and looking for something to bet on. And suddenly, in the broadcast of the match, the team scores a goal. By a lucky chance for an unscrupulous player, the website of the bookmaker's office is opened in the browser, which continues to accept bets on total over 0.5 goals. But this one goal has already been scored! With a shaking hand, the player makes a bet of 1000 rubles and ... the bet is accepted.

Further events can develop in different ways. In most cases, the bookmaker will notice the error and return the bet to the player, applying sanctions to his account. After all, this is considered a fraud. But sometimes the office calculates the post-leg bet as a win, and then the gambler is covered in chocolate.

Now he's not a loser bettor. Now he is an afterglower.

Why is there a post-leg betting situation?

There are several reasons for the occurrence of post-leg pain.

  1. An error in the bookmaker's software. A program that calculates thousands of events per second gives a short-term failure. The bookmaker continues to accept bets because it does not have time to react to the event that has happened. Such mistakes were especially common among post-legolas among online bookmakers in the early 2010s. Nowadays, bookmakers invest huge funds in software and technical support for the process of accepting interactive bets. Therefore, the possibility of encountering a "freeze" or a serious delay in a live match is now practically reduced to zero.
  2. Scout service scam. Bookmakers receive data on the progress of the match from suppliers, and employees of these services transmit information from the stadiums. Such an employee, also known as a scout, may deliberately transmit information about a goal scored with a delay. It will be enough for the scout's accomplices to put down a goal in the office. Sometimes a fraudulent trader from an office is involved in the conspiracy, who makes money by betting on "post-law" at the expense of the employer.
  3. Delayed broadcast of a third-rate sporting event. The picture from the match of the third league of Laos among alpine skiers comes to the bookmaker with a delay. But the insidious post-smoker has purchased a package of cable channels from public Lao television or lives in Laos himself. He has the opportunity to learn about the event before the bookmaker's office and, of course, takes the opportunity.
  4. Human factor. In bookmakers, a trader is still taking part in changing the odds in live, who can inadvertently slow down with a reaction to changes in events in the match - from fatigue or from unprofessionalism.

One-time bets on after-law in a bookmaker's office

It is impossible to become a "reluctant post-fighter". However, if you are unlucky enough to accidentally bet on the post-leg and your bet has been voided, this usually will not affect the bookmaker's attitude towards you. Therefore, do not worry about a "random" post-leg bet or a bet after which the teams are instantly marked with a scoring action.

But a series of bets on the postball will surely lead to cutting the maximums, or even blocking your account with the bookmaker.

The attitude of bookmakers to post-football strategies

Absolutely all bookmakers react negatively to the appearance in the ranks of their clients of aftergolders. Because post-leg betting has nothing to do with fair play.

It is not difficult to identify such a player among the many others. The bookmaker easily calculates those who made a bet on the completed event, and knows how to determine multi-accounting - when the post-giver registers a new account after limiting the account.

Here is what the representative of the largest in Russia bookmaker FONBET says about the bets on postlegals: “The attitude towards postlegals is extremely negative, and they will always have problems with our bookmaker. Due to the fact that there is no wagering element in these bets, advance bets will always be void. We have a very negative attitude to the post-gatherers. We have a clause in the rules, which clearly states that bets on an accomplished event are a gross violation and may be invalidated. "

Is it right to bet on post leg?

In 2019, any bookmaker can easily identify customers who bet on events with a known outcome. The cancellation of such bets, coupled with the risk of blocking the gaming account, make bets on "postballs" a futile occupation. Therefore, we do not recommend it.