Overview of bet types - tips, information, systems + strategies

Overview of bet types - tips, information, systems + strategies

The most important types of bets at a glance

The sports betting market has grown enormously in recent years. With the increase in betting providers, the range of possible types of bets has also increased. In addition, the bookmakers have added new sports to their portfolio, which in earlier times were considered rather uninteresting for betting. However, practice shows that in practice bets are mainly placed on the known sports. In Europe, football , tennis and Formula 1 are especially popular. In addition, the horse racing betting classic is still very popular. To make betting even more exciting, the bookmakers offer a range of interesting betting options.

The man must go out into the hostile life,
must work and strive
and plant and create,
learn, acquire,
must bet and dare
to hunt for luck.

(Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), German poet and playwright)

The most important types of bets at bookmakers:

Outright bet - the simplest form of sports bet

The outright bet is the classic variant of a sports bet. It is simply a bet on the winner of a game. Most bookmakers offer the win bet in a simplified form, in which you can bet on the occurrence of a certain event. Due to its simplicity, the outright bet can be applied to almost all events, which makes it one of the most popular forms of betting by far.

With the outright bet, sports betting provider sets a certain betting rate. If the winner is guessed correctly, the betting profit results from a multiplication of the stake and the betting odds.

Example of a win bet:

For a home win by Borussia Dortmund against Mainz 05, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.2. With a bet of 10 euros on a Dortmund victory, the following profit calculation would result if the tip was correct:

Stake x odds = winnings (10 euros x 1.2 = 12 euros)

If Mainz 05 wins or if the two teams play a draw, the stake would be lost. The risk with a win bet is therefore always limited to the amount of the stake.

Place bet - popular with horse betting

The place bet is a bet on the placement of an athlete or a team. The best example of the place bet is the horse bet, in which you can bet on the placement of certain horses. The run-in bet is a special form of the place bet. Here the weather settles on the first three places.

Place bets are offered in a wide variety of forms, depending on the bookmaker. For example, you can bet on the winner of the Champions League or the next German champion. So-called competition bundles, for example for the two promoted players in the soccer Bundesliga, are also very popular. In theory, a place bet can also be used to predict which driver will finish 12th in a Formula 1 race. As with the single bet, the betting odds are determined by the bookmaker.

Line bet - Tip on a certain number of points

With the line bet, for example, a bet is made on whether a certain number of points will be reached, exceeded or not reached. Most online bookmakers offer the option of betting on the total number of goals in a match. For example, someone who buys the line at 2 for the game Hamburger SV against Eintracht Frankfurt assumes that more than two goals will be scored in this game. If, on the other hand, you are of the opinion that fewer than two goals are scored, you will sell the line at 2.

Line bets are also offered by many sports betting providers as so-called "handicap bets". With this type of bet, the line price can be set in such a way that the end result has the same probability and is either above or below the line price. Since both outcomes are equally likely here, there are no differences between the betting odds.

To put it simply: Anyone who thinks that the score is lower than the retail price sells the line. If the score is higher, however, the line is bought.

Combi bet - benefit from higher betting odds

In a combination bet, a bet is made on several results. These can be spread over a longer period of time. The possible odds are made up of the odds of the respective individual bets. A combination bet is therefore always made up of several individual bets. If even a single bet is lost, the entire stake for the combination bet is gone.

Example of a multiple bet:

Assuming a combination bet is made on three events, each of which has a odds of 2.5. The following calculation is used to calculate the total quota:

3 x 2.5 = 7.5

The total quota is therefore 7.5.

Under the laws of probability, various considerations arise in combination bets. It is clear that the more individual bets are combined, the less likely it is to win them. In return, of course, the betting odds also increase. Therefore, it is important to carefully weigh up between risk and profit opportunities.

Lay bet - betting on the non-occurrence of an event

The term lay bet was used by numerous sports betting providers. The lay bet is usually not offered by classic bookmakers, but by so-called betting exchanges such as Betfair. A lay bet is always a bet on the non-occurrence of an event.

Example of a lay bet:

Suppose FC Bayern Munich plays against Hamburger SV. Who assumes that HSV will win or that there will be a draw. can place a lay bet here. In this case, a bet is made that Bayern will not win. This results in a profit with two betting outcomes. Should Bayern Munich win, the bet is lost.

In this form of sports betting, the bettor takes on the role of the bookmaker and defines a certain betting odds for this. Other sports bettors now have the option of accepting the bet with the given odds. Due to the higher probability of winning, the possible return is correspondingly lower. Lay bets offer sport bettors interesting opportunities. For example, you can secure a previously placed back bet.

Three-way or 1 × 2 bet

With three-way bets you can bet on three different outcomes of the game. A tip for a home win (1), a draw (0) or an away win (2) is possible. Three-way bets are offered in almost all betting sports. Anyone who bets with American or Asian bookmakers should make sure that the order is shown here in reverse. American sports betting providers very often pick a 1 for an away team.

Double chance for three-way bets

Double chance is a type of bet that is only offered in three-way bets. In this form, two of the three possible outcomes of the game are covered. In this respect, this betting variant is similar to the lay bet. With a double chance, the risk can be significantly reduced, but this also leads to a lower betting rate.

The two-way bet

The two-way bet is a classic form of the win bet. It is particularly suitable for sports in which there can be no tie. Examples of this are volleyball or tennis. However, the two-way bet is also offered for almost all other sports. In this case, the sports betting providers simply pay back the stake if it comes to a tie.

Handicap bets for the special attraction

In handicap betting is the special feature that the supposed underdog is given a fictional lead. This advantage is added to the actual result. Only then is a decision made about whether the bet will win or lose. Handicap bets are always offered when there is a clear favorite in a game.

Example of a handicap bet:

In the game Bayern Munich against SC Freiburg, Munich is considered the clear favorite. Therefore, the betting odds for a Bayern win at 1.12 are very low. With a handicap of 0: 1, i.e. a fictitious lead for Freiburg, the rate can be increased to 1.45

System bets to hedge against risks

In the case of a system bet , several combination bets are combined. Using the following example, we want to explain a system bet two out of three (2/3) in more detail.

First, the favorites are defined from three games:

Match 1: Bayern Munich - Hamburger SV win Bayern odds 1.8

Match 2: Mainz 05 - Schalke 04 win Schalke betting odds 1.6

Match 3: Eintracht Frankfurt - SC Freiburg victory Frankfurt betting odds 2.0

Then all possible 2-way combinations are formed from the 3 tips:

Bayern win and Schalke win (odds 2.88)

Bayern win and Frankfurt win (odds 3.6)

Victory Schalke and victory Frankfurt (odds 3.2)

In the case of system bets, the stake is divided equally between the three combination bets. With a stake of 60 euros, 20 euros are allocated to each bet.

Assuming Bayern's victory does not occur, Schalke and Frankfurt win. Then the bettor earns on 2 of 3 system bets. In this case, the profit is calculated from the stake of 20 euros multiplied by the odds of 3.2 and thus amounts to 64 euros.

Asian handicap as a special form of handicap bet

The Asian handicap is a special form of the handicap bet. This type of bet is offered in five different variants, depending on the bookmaker.

Handicap 0

If the match ends in a tie, the stake will be paid back. If one of the two teams wins, if you guess correctly, you win.

Handicap 0.25

With this form, 2 bets are placed when placing a bet. The stake is divided equally between a handicap 0 and a handicap 0.5. With a handicap of 0.5, the outsider receives a fictitious ½ goal lead.

Handicap 0.5

The classic handicap bet with one goal ahead for the underdog.

Handicap 0.75

In this variant, two bets are placed again. The stake is split 50:50 between a handicap 0.5 and a handicap 1.

Handicap 1

The outsider starts with a fictitious lead. If the favorite wins with exactly this one advantage and the bettor has bet on the underdog, the stake will be paid back.

Conclusion on the types of bets

The choice of bet types is really enormous. Beginners in particular should first look carefully at the respective opportunities and risks. For people who place sports bets for the first time, the classic win bets are recommended. In order to find the bookmakers with the best betting options, a precise comparison is recommended in any case.