Multi-goal in football betting: what is it, the difference from total and examples of calculation

Multi-goal in football betting: what is it, the difference from total and examples of calculation
Multi-goal is suitable for players who regularly don’t get a bet on the total. "Championship" analyzes an alternative option.

Doubt between under 2.5 and over 2.5? A bet on a multi-goal 2-3 can be profitable with two different totals. In this article, we will analyze what a multi-goal is, its pros and cons, as well as the criteria for choosing football matches for betting.

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What is multi-goal

Multigoal - a bet on the number of goals scored or goals scored within a given interval, where the first number is the minimum value and the second is the maximum.

For example, if you select multi-goal 1-3, the bet will win if there are 1, 2 or 3 goals in the match.

In betting on total, it is necessary that the number of effective actions be more or less than a given number. When choosing a multi-goal, you need to hit the specified range.

Types of multi-goal football bets

Let's consider three options for betting on multi-goal in football:

  1. Half: The total number of goals in one of the halves.
  2. Per match: the total number of goals in the match.
  3. For a single team: the number of goals scored by one of the teams in the entire match.

Examples of calculating multi-goal bets

Let's look at three examples of calculating multi-goal bets:

  1. You bet 1000 rubles on a 0-1 multi-goal in the first half of the football match Atletico Madrid - Barcelona at odds of 1.80. If no more than one goal is scored in the first half, then the payment will be 1800 rubles: 1000 x 1.80.
  2. You bet 2,000 rubles on a 2-3 multi-goal in a Chelsea-Bayern football match at odds of 2.10. If two or three goals are scored in the match, then the payment will be 4200 rubles: 2000 x 2.10.
  3. You bet 500 rubles on a multi-goal 4-5 on the hosts in a football match Real Madrid - Celta at odds of 4.70. If Real Madrid scores 4-5 goals in the match, the payout will be 2350 rubles: 500 x 4.70.

Multi-goal betting strategy

Bet on multi-goal 0-1 in the following cases:

  • Both teams score on average fewer goals per match.
  • The top scorers of the opponents will not play.
  • The weather conditions do not allow for combination football.

Select a match for betting on multi-goal 2-3 according to the following criteria:

  • Both teams score an average of 0.8 to 1.5 goals per match.
  • The coefficient for the victory of each team does not exceed 3.00.

Bet on multi-goal 4-5 in the following cases:

  • The favorite plays at home with a clear outsider.
  • The home favorite scores an average of 2.5 goals per match.
  • The outsider is one of the three worst teams in the tournament in terms of goals conceded.

Pros and cons of multi-goal betting

The advantage of a multi-goal - the bet can be played with different outcomes. It doesn't matter who wins, the main thing is to get into the chosen range of goals.

The disadvantage is the high margin of the bookmaker. For example, multi-goal 0-1 odds are lower than total goals less than 1.5, and these are the same bets.

Multi-goal 2-3 is close to 2.00. In 37 matches on 8-9 February in the top 5 European leagues, the bet on 2-3 goals was played in 17 meetings. By choosing matches based on the “Championship” criteria, you will increase your chances of making a profit.

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