Match analysis for betting: how to make successful predictions for football and other sports

Match analysis for betting: how to make successful predictions for football and other sports
Betting players study statistics, but they make the same mistake all the time. "Championship" examines how to analyze matches.

To regularly win on bets, you need to be able to analyze matches. But how to do that? In this article, we will discuss the main mistake of the players in the analysis, understand the principles of the movement of the odds and figure out when it is possible to bet on football and other sports.

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Analysis of statistics

Use statistics to analyze sporting events. Study statistics and increase your chances of winning.

If you have chosen football matches for betting, consider the following information:

  1. History of personal meetings.
  2. Results of the last matches.
  3. The position of the teams in the tournament.
  4. The number of days off since the last match.
  5. Home and Away Rivals Results.
  6. The history of the confrontation between the head coaches of the teams.
  7. Results of matches with superior teams.
  8. Results of matches with subordinate teams.
  9. Disqualifications and injuries of players.
  10. Team results when judged by a designated referee.

The main mistake players make when choosing a bet on a football match is to use only part of the statistics and ignore important facts. To analyze football matches, study all the available statistics.

For example, you are considering a bet on Manchester City to win in an away match against Wolverhampton in the Premier League. The Citizens won four matches in a row, while the Wolves lost in their previous home game.

In their past five games with Wolverhampton, Manchester City have won only one regulation time. As a result, the "wolves" beat the "townspeople" with a score of 3: 2.

Analysis of the movement of coefficients

Bookmakers put up a line for football matches several days in advance, and in some cases even several weeks or even months in advance.

The odds for different selections change depending on the actions of the players: large bets of a large number of players reduce the odds for the chosen outcome and increase it for the opposite.

For example, for the UFC fight Khabib Nurmagomedov - Dustin Poirier, bookmakers put up the following line: coefficient 1.42 for Nurmagomedov's victory and 3.05 for Poirier's victory.

A minute before the start of the fight, the line looked like this: coefficient 1.20 for the victory of Nurmagomedov and 3.95 for the victory of Poirier. This means that the overwhelming majority of players opted for Khabib.

You can track the movement of the coefficients on specialized sites. But remember:the opinion of the majority of players is sometimes wrong .

Situational analysis

When choosing a bet on a football match or other sport, analyze the publications in the sports media about the upcoming event.

For example, to predict a football match, study the following information:

  1. Head coaches' press conferences.
  2. Player interviews.
  3. Latest news on the condition of the injured.
  4. Publications about the relationship between players and the coach.
  5. Rumors about possible transfers.
  6. Latest news about changes in the club.
  7. United Fan Group statements.

It is impossible to unequivocally assess the physical and psychological state of the teams , but the information received will increase your chances of making an accurate prediction.

For example, at Barcelona, ​​some players and fans were unhappy with the head coach. The Catalan leadership dismissed Ernesto Valverde. Also, within the club there was a conflict between Messi and the sports director, and during training, disputes arose between the players.

Against this background, from December 14, 2019 to February 7, 2020, Barcelona won only five matches out of 11.

Composition analysis

In team sports, analyze your opponents' chances only after the starting lineups have been announced .

The influence of individual players on the final result is great.

For example, an hour before the start of the NBA game "Los Angeles Lakers" - "Denver Nuggets" there was information that LeBron James will miss the meeting. Without their leader, the hosts lost with a score of 104: 128.

Analysis of expert opinions

Use other people's predictions to get valuable information. It is risky to blindly repeat an expert's bet. Consider only the facts.

For example, in the forecast for the Serie A match between Juventus and Fiorentina, the author of the Championship, Vladimir Prokofiev, wrote that Cristiano Ronaldo will not score. But he gave the statistics: Ronaldo distinguished himself in eight consecutive Serie A matches.

In the Juventus - Fiorentina match, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals.

To increase the chances of winning, analyze all the information about a sporting event: statistics, publications in the media, strengths and weaknesses of athletes. Bet on a match only after the starting lineups have been announced, and use expert opinions to gain valuable information.

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